The Rules

I’ve adapted my own set of rules based on the 100 Baby Challenge rules by peaceluver. You can see them at Thanks so much to peaceluver and all others who’ve participated in the challenge before me! You’ve inspired me to give it a try myself.

My Rules:

  • The lifespan will be epic.
  • Twallan’s Story Progression will be used to keep the town vibrant.
  • All weather is disabled, and the season is summer year-round. All 4 seasons were enabled following the birth of babies 6 & 7.
  • There is a single lunar cycle to disable zombies. The regular lunar cycle was restored after the birth of babies 6 & 7.
  • Each pregnancy must be from a different father.
  • I’ve seeded the town with some eligible men to avoid having to use married sims as mates, at least in the beginning.
  • Use of on-line dating is allowed. The mother can date any man who has not yet fathered a child with her.
  • The mother cannot hold a traditional job, but can be self-employed and earn money in other ways.
  • No in-game gifts from other players are allowed.
  • Anything that can be purchased from Build/Buy mode (including store items and premium content) is fair game.
  • Lifetime Rewards are allowed (including Fertility), but must be earned by happiness points.
  • The mother can have her babies at home or at the hospital.
  • I will be selecting baby names alphabetically. When twins or triplets are born, all of their names will begin with the same letter.
  • I will roll for ALL traits, with the exception of the mother.
  • Birthday cakes can be used to age children up early, providing the following rules are met:
  • – Infants may be aged up any time, without the use of a birthday cake.
  • – Toddlers must be potty trained and taught to walk and talk.
  • – Children must go to school and get an A for at least one day.
  • – Teenagers must go to school and get an A for at least one day.
  • Teenagers and other children can help with the babies and toddlers.
  • When the children have aged up to Young Adults, they are kicked out of the house.
  • Babysitters can be hired only if the family can afford it.

3 thoughts on “The Rules

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  2. I decided to name the children in my baby challenge alphabetically too! Makes it easier to keep track of them I think 🙂 I’ve just found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • Hi, and welcome to my blog! I didn’t realize when I decided to name the kids alphabetically how much it would help me keep track of them.

      I always love checking out other baby challenges and will check out yours. Thanks for reading & commenting! 🙂

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