Baby Daddies

Thank you to my fellow Sims 3 fans for creating such great Baby Daddy material. If you see a sim being featured in my blog, it’s because the creator has given permission (or I created it myself). If you have a CC-free male sim you’d like to contribute to this project, please let me know. You can post a comment on this blog or contact me here.

If you’re a reader (thank you!), please recommend and feel free to download these sims for your own use, but do not re-upload them as your own. The name of each sim, along with his download link, creator, and the child(ren) he fathered is listed beneath the photo. (Note: In some cases, the download link is for the household that contains the sim.)

Chase - headshot 512x512

#1 – Chase Picarddownload – by LilyParker (Aiden & Ava)

Marco Hernandez

#2 – Marco Hernandezdownload – by TarynTempestwind (Benjamin)

Branch Timbley

#3 – Branch Timbley – Moonlight Falls townie (Colton & Chloe)

Quidel Blackhawk

#4 – Quidel Blackhawkdownload – by Jillyson_Twozaks_1 (Dylan & Dakota)

Matt - dancing headshot 512x512

#5 – Matt Gardnerdownload – by LilyParker (Evan & Emma)

Keith Parsons

#6 – Keith Parsons – download – by priscapup (Faith)

Dante - headshot 512x512

#7 – Dante Thomas – download – by LilyParker (Gabrielle & Gavin)

Darin Cavazos

#8 – Darin Cavazos – download – by agstah (Hannah & Hunter)

Jerrik Traynor

#9 – Jerrik Traynor – download – by TarynTempestwind (Isabella, Isaac & Isaiah)

Alec Tremain

#10 – Alec Tremain – download – by TarynTempestwind (Jenna & Jayden)

Garret Jones

#11 – Garret Jonesdownload – by TarynTempestwind (Kevin, Kendra & Kylie)

Jameson Scott

#12 – Jameson Scott – download – by TarynTempestwind (Logan & Lucas)

Charles Landgraab

#13 – Charles Landgraabdownload – by LadyLuck09 (Molly & Megan)

Christopher Daley-Palakiko

#14 – Christopher Daley-Palakikodownload – by GreenCats (Nicholas, Noah & Natalie)

Jasper Mock

#15 – Jasper Mockdownload – by Alitoni (Owen, Oliver)


#16 – Kamani Kaimanadownload– by GreenCats (Paige, Paxton)


3 thoughts on “Baby Daddies

  1. Hey Lily!

    I finally managed to remember to switch off my CC and have uploaded some CC-free sims for download on my blog. I’d really love it if you’d use one in your baby challenge!

    • Hi Becki! I just grabbed Vaughn and Charles and added them to my game. Thank you! I use a different default skin and no special eyes, so I’m curious to see how they’ll look. 😀

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