Add’l Sims in Story

For those of you who may be interested, Jill Thomas, the primary character, as well as some clothing featured in the story, can be found in my studio on the Sims 3 website. If you like my creations, please recommend them and feel free to download them for your own use. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t re-upload them on the EA Exchange, however.

Jill - headshot

Jill Thomasdownload – by LilyParker

I’m also including links to potential Baby Daddies in case anyone is interested in downloading them. If/when they father a child, they’ll be moved to the Baby Daddies page. The sim’s name, creator and download link is listed beneath the photo. As mentioned on my Baby Daddies page, if a sim is pictured here, I have the permission of the creator to use them in the story. In some cases, the sims were gifts made especially for me, like Quidel Blackhawk and Charles Lee. Thanks again to the creators for letting me use their fabulous sims!  🙂

Featured in Moonlight Falls:

Kenji Lee

Kenji Leedownload – by TarynTempestwind

Charles Lee

Charles Leedownload – by SandySim

Lew Garoo

Lew Garoodownload – by priscapup (Faith’s boyfriend, father to Jace & Amy)

Lucas Cardenas

Lucas Cardenasdownload – by SandySim

Featured in Lucky Palms:

Vaughn Afonsine

Vaughn Afonsinedownload – by LadyLuck09

Jared Shipman 512x512

Jared Shipman – download link to follow – by LilyParker


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