Posts in Chronological Order:

  1. Mommy Dearest
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. New Girl in Town
  4. Making Baby #1
  5. I’m Loving That Library!
  6. A Profitable Day
  7. Meet Aiden and Ava!
  8. Happy Birthday?
  9. Cleanup on Aisle 7
  10. Potties and Broken Pipes
  11. Making Baby #3
  12. Good Husband Material
  13. Marco, I’m pregnant!
  14. And, Baby Makes Three
  15. First Day of School
  16. All the Right Moves
  17. Pranks and Progress
  18. Those Eyes…
  19. Hard to Say, “Goodbye”
  20. It’s Moving Day!
  21. Mystery Solved
  22. Friends with Benefits
  23. Magic’s in the Air
  24. Blessed Be
  25. Fairy Rage and Genie Passion
  26. Time will tell
  27. A Clean Slate
  28. Hormones
  29. Triple Threat
  30. A Gift From Dad
  31. I’m a Grandmother?
  32. Positively Glowing
  33. Updates on the Kids? (poll)
  34. Emotional Baseball
  35. Crazy About You
  36. We’ve Got Tonight
  37. The Rebound Guy
  38. Makeout Central
  39. Private Party
  40. Kids Update and New World Vote
  41. The Results Are In!
  42. Evan, Emma and Faith – Part 1
  43. Evan, Emma and Faith – Part 2
  44. Aiden and Ava – Part 1
  45. Aiden and Ava – Part 2
  46. Back from Hiatus
  47. Goodbye, Moonlight Falls
  48. Welcome to Lucky Palms
  49. Charming
  50. You Called Me Sugar
  51. Bonus: Kevin’s Date
  52. Mind Games
  53. Who’s Your Daddy?
  54. Self Discovery
  55. Happy Holidays from the Thomas Family!
  56. Join me on Tumblr?
  57. 2014 in review
  58. 10,000 Views & Tagging News
  59. Irresistible
  60. Happy Valentine’s Day
  61. Sensory Overload
  62. Liebster Award x6
  63. Exes and Whys
  64. Like Father, Like Son
  65. Unexpected
  66. Moonlight Swim
  67. Alien Attraction
  68. You Take My Breath Away

16 thoughts on “Index

    • Thank you for reading and your lovely comment! Since this was my first effort, hopefully it will get better as the chapters progress. I tried to pick up tips from some of the great stories I’ve been reading along the way. 😀

      • Ah, no worries there :D. This is the first 100 baby challenge I’ve ever read, so “we’re even” LOL ;). And as I already said, I like it: Jill is so adorable.

  1. Half way through and loving the story. Very cute with some great laugh out moments. Now I must sleep. Been reading your story for over an hour now and it’s past my bedtime lmao

    • Perhaps this weekend. I work full time and only get the chance to play on weekends. I made some progress last weekend, but probably need a little more play time before I can begin writing. Thanks for asking!

  2. Hello Lily.

    I am revising and updating my story, and I saw your comments all over, and searched for you. I did not know you had a story.

    I have just arrived here, at the lovely chapter ‘Self discovery’ about Luke and Al. It was very sweet and heartwarming, and the boys are very charming. I’m hoping to see more of their romance.

    I just did not find where to leave a reply on that chapter, and that’s why I’m leaving it here.


    • Hello! I’m glad to hear that you’re continuing your story. You’re a very talented writer!

      Yes, I’ve been writing this story for a little over a year now. Thank you for your kind comments on my latest chapter. Baby challenges are tough in that I can’t continue following each of the children’s story line for long. Every now and then, though, I like to devote a chapter to one of them, like I did with Luke.

      Sorry you had trouble posting a comment on the ‘Self Discovery’ chapter. A couple of other readers were able to comment, so I’m not sure what happened. This theme isn’t very flexible, and I don’t like how it handles comments, but short of changing it completely, there’s not much I can do. I’m glad you were resourceful and came to the Index to leave your comment! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. I came back for more of cuteness and love from Luke and Al. I confess I wasn’t aware of the rules for a Baby Challenge — and still am not. But wow, it must be interesting to have so many characters to deal with, and many of them showing up all of the time. It’s like a machine for producing characters and stories — so desirable” But it must be hard to write with so many surprises and unforeseen things happening. I guess that is why it’s called a Challenge.

    Thank you for your kind words about my writing. Often times I wonder.

    I wish you a wonderful 2015, and happy times with your blog and story. I still wasn’t able to comment anywhere else but here, perhaps because my wordpress account is inactive, so please forgive me for making this long thread here.

    I do miss your comments, and so do Laurent and Fabrizio.


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