I’ll be posting pictures of the babies when they become Young Adults. If both parents were sims I created or I have permission from the Daddy’s creator, I’ll upload them. If you want to download them, just click on their names. As always, please enjoy them, but don’t re-upload them to the Exchange as your own. Thank you!

Aiden - blog headshot   Ava - headshot 512x512

Baby #1 & 2 – Aiden & Ava(father = Chase Picard, by LilyParker)

Benjamin-blog headshot

Baby #3 – Benjamin(father = Marco Hernandez, by TarynTempestwind)

Colton - headshot 512x512   Chloe - headshot 512x512

Baby #4 & 5 – Colton & Chloe (father = Branch Timbley, Moonlight Falls townie)

Dylan - headshot 512x512   Dakota - headshot for blog

Baby #6 & 7 – Dylan & Dakota(father = Quidel Blackhawk, by Jillyson_Twozaks_1)

Evan - headshot 512x512   Emma -  headshot for blog

Baby #8 & 9 – Evan & Emma(father = Matt Gardner, by LilyParker)

Faith - headshot 512x512

Baby #10 – Faith(father = Keith Parsons, by Priscapup)

Gabrielle - headshot 512x512   Gavin - headshot 512x512

Baby #11 & 12 – Gabrielle & Gavin(father = Dante Thomas, by LilyParker)

Hannah headshot 512x512  Hunter headshot 512x512

Baby #13 & 14 – Hannah & Hunter(father = Darin Cavazos, by agstah)

Isabella - headshot 512x512  Isaac - headshot 512x512

Isaiah - headshot 512x512

Baby #15, 16 & 17 – Isabella, Isaac & Isaiah(father = Jerrik Traynor, by TarynTempestwind)

Jenna - headshot 512x512  Jayden - headshot 512x512

Baby #18 & 19 – Jenna & Jayden(father = Alec Tremain, by TarynTempestwind)

Kevin - headshot 512x512  Kendra - headshot 512x512

Kylie - headshot 512x512

Baby #20, 21 & 22 – Kevin, Kendra & Kylie(father = Garret Jones, by TarynTempestwind)

Logan - headshot for blog  Lucas - headshot for blog

Baby #23 & 24 – Logan & Lucas(father = Jameson Scott, by TarynTempestwind)

Molly - headshot 512x512  Megan - headshot 512x512

Baby #25 & 26Molly & Megan(father = Charles Landgraab, by LadyLuck09)

Natalie - headshot 512x512  Nicholas - headshot 512x512

Noah - headshot 512x512

Baby #27, 28 & 29 – Natalie, Nicholas & Noah(father = Christopher Daley-Palakiko, by GreenCats)


12 thoughts on “Babies

    • Hahaha! I did check a few online sources for baby names. I didn’t come up with Colton on my own. I now have an Excel spreadsheet with names sorted alphabetically, by gender. Makes it easy to pick names when babies are born. 🙂

  1. Omg your babies have some great genes! Mind if I use a few for my 100 baby challenge? I dunno if I’m gonna blog about it yet, but if I do, I’ll be sure to link them to your site 🙂

    • Thanks! Glad you like my babies. You’re welcome to use them in your baby challenge. They’re all CC-free but may contain EA store content. It’d be great if you would list this blog as a resource so the creators of the baby daddies can get credit for providing half the gene pool. (The Baby Daddies page has links to those original sims.) If you decide to start a blog, please leave me a link so I can follow it. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure if I’ll actually create a story or not… but I’ve posted up my babies so far if you’d like to check them out. I don’t have the blog set up fully yet, so I don’t have a resources page or a page just for the daddies – but I have a family tree and links to download the two “babies” that are young adults now. Check it out if you’d like!
    Thanks for letting me use a non-fairy version of Evan Thomas as one of the fathers. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. I’m sure Evan didn’t mind having his wings clipped for a good cause. 😉 Your founder’s very pretty. I’m curious to see how their kids will look once they’re young adults. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I love the way you’ve set up your site, particularly this page. The young adult pictures of all the offspring grouped this way and in alphabetical order is great.

    • Thanks, Ciane! I decided on alpha order for the kids’ names to make it easier on me to remember who’s who. Since there will be too many kids to have in one game save, I wanted someplace where they could all be together for an easy reference. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  4. Hello Lily!

    If you remember, when I started my Legacy Challenge I asked you if I could use some of your babies as spouses for my heirs and you agreed 🙂 So here I am announcing I’ve just downloaded Benjamin from your studio. Mine was the 100th download!
    When I will first introduce him in my legacy, I will give you the credit 😉 I’m so excited to have him play such an important part in my story! He’s a cutie!

    Have a nice weekend and thanks again!

    • Hi Kate! I’m happy that you’ve decided to use Benjamin in your challenge. I think he’s a cutie, too. I hope to catch up on your story soon and will be interested to see how Benjamin fits in. 😀

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