Author’s Notes

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog! Please know that your “likes” and comments mean the world to me! So, please don’t be shy. 🙂

This is where I’ll be posting miscellaneous notes and listing the Lifetime Rewards purchased by Jill with happiness points.

  • Jill’s first twins, Aiden and Ava, were conceived naturally, simply by watching the kids’ TV station.
  • I learned that Twallan’s Story Progression forces male sims who father children to pay child support. (Go, Twallan!) The twins’ father, Chase Picard, has been sending $200 child support payments on a pretty regular basis. Every now & then he misses a payment, and sometimes he spends the night in jail because of that.
  • Before Benjamin was conceived, Jill purchased the Fertility Treatment LTR. I was surprised that she gave birth to a single baby. I’m wondering if it has to do with the “base number of children” which is set to 3 in Story Progression (so the town won’t overpopulate, considering I’m adding 100 people to it). I’ll find out when she tries for Baby #4.
  • The next two Lifetime Rewards purchased were No Bills Ever and Master of Seduction.
  • Interestingly, I found that Twallan makes rich sims pay more in child support. Even though Chase fathered twins, and Marco fathered a single baby, Chase sends Jill $200 payments, while Marco’s payments are $500. After a little extra reading, I found that Twallan has a 5x multiple for child support if the sim is considered rich — $100 per child is the norm.
  • While Jill is pregnant with Baby #4, she purchased the Suave Seller LTR.
  • I had to rework the menu bar a bit so I could add a “Baby Countdown” page. That’s where I’ll keep an updated count on how many babies have been born, along with details on gender, single vs. multiple births and whether the babies are human or supernatural. I changed the name of the “Add’l Sims & Clothing” page to “Add’l Sims in Story” because I wanted a place to keep Baby Daddies-in-waiting. 😛  I decided that including clothing uploads was going to be too tedious, so I won’t be doing that any more. This page is now a sub-page beneath “Baby Daddies.” (The menu bar was getting crowded.)
  • The house shown on “It’s Moving Day!” is a redesign of an EA home by Rawr2019, called “All Falls Start – 3br, 1ba” as a gift for Ciane. I’ve made some adjustments in furnishings to suit my family of eight but kept the basic design intact. It’s available on the Exchange by clicking on the name above. Please do not re-upload it as your own. (7/14 update — I’ve expanded the house to add two more bedrooms & bathrooms. Having just one bathroom was becoming really problematic.)
  • I haven’t been very good about updating this page. I can tell you what Lifetime Rewards Jill has purchased, but not in what order because, unfortunately, I don’t remember. In addition to those listed above, Jill has purchased Super Green Thumb, Steel Bladder, Above Reproach, Fireproof Homestead, No Jealousy and a Motive Mobile.
  • There was an issue with Hannah’s genie trait. I always use the cheat box to enter CAS to change the kids’ hairstyle and clothes and take their birthday photo. When Hannah started having the option to “set things on fire,” I assumed I had messed up the genie trait and that pyromaniac was inserted in its place. I looked at her hidden traits using Twallan’s Master Controller and swapped the hidden pyromaniac trait with the hidden genie trait. That’s why Hannah’s powers only manifested when she was in her teens. They should’ve started when she was a child.
  • When Hannah was a young adult, Jill bought the Food Replicator as a Lifetime Reward. It was the perfect time to take advantage of Hannah’s genie ability to summon perfect food and then store it.
  • A couple of times now, Jill has given birth to multiples before I’ve had a chance to move out her young adult offspring. I use Twallan’s Portrait Panel so I can still control everyone in the household. (EA’s maximum is 8 people per household.)
  • Before moving the family to Lucky Palms, Jill purchased the Clean Slate LTR. Using Twallan’s Master Controller, I removed celebrity status from the entire family. Dealing with paparazzi was just too annoying. Because Lucky Palms is a desert town, I changed the weather to constant sunshine and made it summer all year round. Jill purchased a new home, and the link was provided in the first post in Lucky Palms. The home was created by elle0808, a very talented builder and member of the DNA team. It’s her “Traditional 5 BR-CC FREE.” I made minor adjustments to suit my family of eight and swapped out a variety of trees for the ubiquitous desert palm trees.
  • In the “Who’s Your Daddy?” chapter, Nicholas, Noah and Natalie were each born with about 10% alien DNA. For story purposes, I used Twallan’s Master Controller to increase their alien DNA percentage to 50% each, which seemed reasonable. With only 10% alien DNA, the toddlers looked and acted human, and that wasn’t my intention when pairing Jill with Christopher Daley-Palakiko. In that same chapter, I gave Jill several Lifetime Rewards because she had a lot of LTH points to use. Included were Born to Cook, Extra Creative, Fast Learner, Simmunity, Observant and Inappropriate But in a Good Way.
  • Before moving the Thomas family from Lucky Palms to Hidden Springs in “Unexpected,” I saved them to the sim bin. That was a first. To help cut down on lag, I’m now using only a portion of my games & stuff packs:  Ambitions, Generations, Late Night, Seasons, Supernatural & University, along with Diesel, High End Loft, Master Suite, Outdoor Living and Town Life stuff packs. Their new home, Danaus Modern, was made by ruthless_kk, and I made a few minor modifications to fit my large family and budget. Because the move cut all family ties, Jill won’t be getting child support from Christopher (for the triplets) or Jasper (for the twins).

2 thoughts on “Author’s Notes

  1. I adore this. I’m always wondering how you keep everything running smoothly and now I’m getting to find out. Jill’s going to be a Super-Sim by the time this is all wrapped up, with every LTH reward under the sun.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it. It’s my way of keeping records of some things I want to remember. Sometimes I’ll add a brief author’s note on a post, but this is where the detailed info goes. Jill still has a ton of LTH points. We should do a little shopping next time I’m in game. 😉

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