Liebster Award x6

Is this Moonlight Falls? Is there a full moon? Because in the past couple of days, I’ve been nominated for 6 Liebster Awards! I’m flattered and downright flabbergasted. Mostly, I’m incredibly thankful to these talented writers who nominated me:

The rules for the Liebster Award:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

Here are my nominees, in no particular order.

I’ve been reading each of these blogs for a long time and have come to love them all! It was really hard to narrow it down to just these. Please be advised that most contain adult content.

Thank you for your patience as I responded to the 6 sets of questions! My duties have been fulfilled. Now I can’t wait to go and read other nominees’ Q&A, and I look forward to reading answers to the questions I asked as well 😀

Questions from Laura of The Maldini Legacy:

1.  Is there a particular author who’s writing style inspires you who, or who you really admire?

I read a lot of books but don’t have a favorite author. However, as far as blogs go, I really admire the writing styles of ValoisFulcanelli, Daijah V and Becki, all of whom I nominated.

2.  When did you first start playing The Sims? And did you start with 1, 2 or 3?

I started playing The Sims 3 on Christmas Day 2011. I’ve never played The Sims 1 or 2. There’s still so much of the game I’ve yet to explore.

3.  What’s your favorite Sims 3 Expansion?

That would be a toss-up between Supernatural and Seasons. With a 100 baby challenge, having supernatural babies gives me more story options. And since I’ve always lived with four seasons, it seems strange not to have them in the game.

4.  Do you write your story and then make the sims play it out with poses etc. or do write a story based on whatever happens in game? Or a bit of both?

A bit of both, I suppose. Since my blog is a challenge, with rules, I have to play first and write what happens for the most part. But, I do direct the story quite a bit as I get ideas on which characters I want to highlight in each chapter and begin the storyline in my head. In the early chapters, I didn’t use poses at all, but I do now.

5.  Do you have a favorite type of Sims blog to read (Legacies, Baby Challenges etc.)?

I just really like a good, character-driven story, in whatever form it takes. And never discount the value of humor. I love a good laugh!

6.  What fictional character would you like to meet in real life?

Valois Fulcanelli (in both his witch and rock star forms) from The Madness of Mr. Goth. I’ve got a bit of a Sims crush on him. Let’s be honest, though. He’s not going anywhere without his partner, Gunther Goth, so you may need to book two tickets to the real world. LOL. (If you’re a follower of valoisfulcanelli on Tumblr, you can see our pixel friend in all his incarnations, and this may make more sense to you.)

7.  What inspired you to write your Sims blog?

I had seen a few blogs and then saw a post in the Sims forum about the rules for a 100 baby challenge. Since my husband and I weren’t able to have children, I thought it might be fun to have 100 of them in the game.

8.  Do you have a specific song or playlist that you think sums up your story or that you listen to while writing?

As it turns out, this is my favorite question of all!!! Jill’s theme song would be, “It’s Raining Men,” by The Weather Girls. Seems appropriate since she’s constantly on the hunt for her next Baby Daddy. As for me, I actually need quiet to write. Now, before you go any further, make sure you click on the song title because it’s a very special YouTube video. The song is playing while the video shows photo after photo of seriously hot guys. (They’re dressed, although not all are wearing shirts.) There are typos galore in the song’s lyrics, but I promise you won’t notice the words in about 3.5 seconds other than to yell at your screen to remove them because they’re partially blocking a photo! Jill and I approve of each and every one of those photos. Be sure to view the video in full-screen mode to maximize your enjoyment 😀

9.  Have you ever had a really weird or funny bug or glitch happen in your game?

When I first discovered the EA Exchange and custom content, I downloaded some bad cc because I didn’t know any better. My sims kept giving birth to what I would affectionately call my mutant babies — the ones with the invisible bodies and long stick arms. The poor things would cry and cry and I couldn’t click on them to feed them. It made me feel awful. I needed a new laptop anyway, so when I got it, I did a clean install and no longer use cc.

10.  Do you play computer/console games outside of the Sims? If so, what?

Nope. Just the Sims. I barely have enough time to play as it is.

11.  Favorite aspect of the Sims (do you like building, interior decorating, Create-a-sim, actual game-play or just everything about it!)?

I like everything except building. I’m terrible at it. I’m sure I’d get better with practice, but I’d rather download someone else’s creation instead. There are some really talented builders in the Sims community.

Questions from Taina of The Torres Legacy:

1)  The scene you love the most from your story and why it’s your favorite.

Jill’s first true love was Garret Jones. One of my favorite scenes is with Jill and Garret in We’ve Got Tonight. It starts in the baby nursery with Garret being thoroughly distracted by the wrap dress Jill is wearing. They move into the kitchen and make their way to the bedroom, where Jill is at her flirty best and Garret learns the secrets of the wrap dress. Finally, the end of their relationship weighs heavily on both their minds, with talk of loopholes for when you find “the one.” I remember tearing up as I wrote that section because I was sad to have to break them up. Jill didn’t want to let Garret go.

2)  A character you wish you’d never created.

I don’t really have one. I’ve only created Jill and a few Baby Daddies. Everyone else was born in game or was an existing townie.

3)  How did your story come to pass? Did you write it on purpose or was it a happy accident?

It was a happy accident. Had I given it more thought and researched more blogs, I probably wouldn’t have started with a 100 baby challenge. That’s a pretty long commitment for a first-timer like me.

4)  Would you ever think about publishing your story?

Definitely not. It only makes sense in the Sims world. LOL. Somehow, I don’t see myself ordering a book from Amazon about a woman who is destined to have 100 babies in her lifetime, impregnated each time by a different man. Now there’s a best seller for you! 😉

5)  How does your writing process begin? Do you have a routine, a schedule or does it just flow whenever?

I fly by the seat of my pants. I only have time to play and write on weekends. As much as I’m sure my readers would appreciate my keeping a more consistent schedule (and I feel badly about that), I need the flexibility to keep it “fun” for me and not make it feel too much like work. I get enough of that during the week.

6)  What is the weirdest plot idea you’ve ever had?

In the Mind Games chapter, I was inspired by the look on Jill’s face as she stared at Jasper Mock after coming out of the theater with Christopher. She looked at Jasper as if he was a big, juicy steak and she was literally starving. I decided right then that I was going to push the envelope by having Jasper, a vampire, compel Jill to come home with him where he would seduce her. I had not originally intended for Jill to ever be with two men in one day, but I was really interested in seeing what my readers would think about the Jasper situation. It was rather controversial, and I loved it because it evoked some strong feelings and made people question that gray area between right and wrong. That was fun! It’s hard to get weird plot twists in a baby challenge. 😉

7)  Does your family/friends support your writing?

My husband’s the only one who knows I have a blog, and he’s never read it. He’d be bored silly.

8)  Did you always want to write?

Nope. I’ve always had to write for business but never even tried creative writing before I jumped in and hit “publish” on this blog for the first time.

9)  Happily-ever-after or no?

Oh, absolutely! Jill’s HEA won’t happen for a long time, though. She has to have a LOT more babies first. She’ll find plenty of happy-for-now in between. You can count on that.

10)  Name a character from another story you would like to make an appearance in your own.

Hmm … tough one. A lot of my favorite characters are either married or gay. And when you say “appearance,” I hear “Baby Daddy.” Ooh, I know! Connor Morvant from Daijah V’s After Midnight. He is one hot redhead and would make some beautiful babies. (Damn that cc! I just realized Connor would lose some of his gorgeous looks transferring into my vanilla game. Boo.)

11)  If you had to start all over again, would you change anything about your story? If so, what?

Absolutely! I rushed into it too quickly and never established the background of why Jill has to have 100 babies. It would’ve been nice to have a common thread to weave through the story.

Questions from Kate of The Loewe Legacy:

1. If you could start your story over, would you change something?

Please see #11 above. 🙂

2. Do you get inspired by real-life situations or is your story a pure creation of your imagination?

My story comes mostly from my imagination. Sometimes my personal views sneak in there, too. For example, when Lucas told Jill he was gay, I made it seem as though it was no big deal and had no affect whatsoever on her love for her son. That’s the way I wish the world was, so I wrote it that way. If only it were so easy to change the real world.

3. Did you already have some experience in writing before starting blogging about The Sims?

I had no creative writing experience whatsoever. I have business writing experience from work, but that’s a completely different style of writing.

4. Do you write other stories/poems/lyrics/etc.?

I’ve started a Rags-to-Riches Challenge on Tumblr, called Sims Starting Over. I haven’t updated it in a while but hope to start posting updates again soon.

5. Does your family/friends know that you’re blogging about The Sims? If yes, what do they say/think about your story?

My husband’s the only one who knows I have a blog, and he’s never read it. It’s really not his cup of tea.

6. If you’ve ever created yourself in the Sims, how far did you get with your ‘legacy’?

I purposely don’t make Sims to represent my husband and me. I want the freedom to do whatever I feel like doing with my Sims. If I played a Sim that looked like me, I’d be much more careful about how “I” behaved than I would with a random sim. I’d feel like I had to recreate my life … go to college, get a good job, get married, etc. I want to play “outside” of my real life situation. The Sims is all fantasy to me. I don’t let fantasy and reality cross boundaries, even in my mind. You know, like when you get upset with your husband because of something he did in a dream. Makes no sense, but it happens, so I just avoid the whole situation. 😉

7. What Sims 3 traits would you use to describe yourself? (If you graduated from a college/university you’re allowed to use up to 7 traits).

Hmm … so I can have 7, huh? Let’s see … Friendly, Good, Excitable, Good Sense of Humor, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic and Bookworm.

8. What was your favorite loading screen that came with the Expansion/Stuff packs?

Good question! I don’t remember. I didn’t pay much attention to them. I guess you should add “impatient” to my traits. 😉

9. Do you think The Sims 3 (expanded with all Expansion and Stuff packs) is actually worth the money you spent on it?

Yes, although I should’ve skipped a lot of store content that I don’t use. Aside from reading, it’s really my only form of entertainment.

10. What Sims 3 music is your favorite? (If any.)

LOL. I’m not a fan of any of it.

11. If you could change anything about The Sims genre, what would it be?

Lag time! I don’t know if that’s an appropriate answer, but that’s what bugs me the most, especially loading up the game.

Questions from Daijah of Cold Blooded:

1.  When did you start writing?

I have no creative writing background, so I began writing with my first blog post in May 2013.

2.  Are any of your characters or situations based on real people or events?

No, although some of my traits naturally come out in Jill as I write her, especially her snarkiness. 😉

3.  What inspires you to write?

Sims game play is where most of my inspiration begins. Sometimes it’s as simple as a look on someone’s face or some other autonomous action. That’s when my wheels start turning about how I can use that to my advantage in the story. I start directing a bit from there and sometimes include poses to fill in the blanks. Other times, it’s when a reader posts a comment saying they miss reading my blog if it’s been too long between posts. It makes me try even harder to push past whatever is holding me back.

4.  Which of your characters is your favorite?

I guess that would have to be Jill. In my game, blondes really do have more fun. I love her man-hunting skills, and she believes, as I do, that there should be no double standard. If it’s OK for men, it’s OK for women, too. Girl power! 😉

5. Who is your favorite author?

I answered this one in #1 of the first set of questions, before you nominated me, so I meant it when I said you were one of them. 🙂

6. What kind of books do you read?

Some of you know I describe myself as a hopeless romantic. It will come as no surprise that my genre of choice is romance novels. Give me a handsome alpha male and a decent plot, and I’m in!  ♥  I enjoy both MF and MM romance.

7. If you could use the Sims Time Machine, where would you go and why?

I would go back in time just far enough to go on my honeymoon cruise all over again. My husband and I were a lot younger then and very much in love. What can I say? We had a hell of a good time. 😉

8. You’re stranded on a deserted island with 4 characters from your story(ies). Who are they and what do you think would happen? 

The 4 characters would be Jill, Jasper Mock (her current boyfriend, who’s a vampire), Garret Jones (her first true love) and Chase Picard (who fathered her first twins). Jill is currently pregnant with Jasper’s baby, but she isn’t showing yet. Although Jill’s desire for Jasper is off the charts, she doesn’t love him like she loves Garret. When their eyes meet, Jill gasps in shock and it’s easy to see that she and Garret are still very much in love. There’s a palpable spark of chemistry, and Jasper isn’t pleased. Chase and Jill are happy to see each other, but it’s clear they’re just friends now, so neither man feels threatened by him.

Jill fears for Jasper’s demise when she doesn’t see any shelter from the sun in the vicinity, and Jasper immediately starts feeling the effects. Jasper kisses Jill like it may be the last time and speeds off in a blur in search of somewhere to hide until the sun goes down. That leaves Jill, Garret and Chase. Feeling like a third wheel, Chase heads out to look for firewood and whatever food he can find. Jill and Garret talk about what their lives have been like since they last saw each other, and it’s clear that Garret’s heart still belongs to Jill. Although he’s dated, he hasn’t moved on seriously with anyone else. Garret asks about the triplets, and Jill fills him in on what’s been happening with Kendra, Kylie and Kevin.

Chase returns and joins Garret and Jill as the sun begins to set. Did Jasper find shelter in time? Or will Jill be faced with the prospect of living out her days on the island with her true love and good friend? Whichever path fate chooses for Jill, before she falls asleep, she vows to begin building a shelter to protect her baby from the sun when he or she is born if they’re not rescued before then.

9. If you could be any character from a book or movie, who would you be and why?

It’s tough to choose, but I’ll say Rylee Thomas from The Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg. The why would be primarily because of Colton Donavan. *fans self* Rylee has had a rough past, but she’s a strong woman, and I admire her work as a counselor for young boys who’ve come from broken homes. Sparks fly between Rylee and Colton, whose past is very similar to the boys she adores. It’s a long and winding road for them to get together, but they get their HEA in the end.

10. If you could marry the man/woman of your dreams, who would you choose and why?

I’d still pick the man I married 23 years ago. He’s the man of my dreams in all the ways that matter. The things that end up being important are the ones you don’t necessarily think about when you get engaged. For example, how will he react when put to the test of “in sickness and in health”? Will he be your strength when you need it most? Those are defining moments.

11. Sims have a lot of quirky and fun inventions and objects not found in real life. If you could choose one thing (for example, spellbook, time machine, Bonehilda) what would it be and why? (Feel free to choose from any of the amazing custom creations as well e.g. Pose Player, Pregnancy controller, lighting tweaks, etc.)

I think I’d go with the time machine. I’ve been having a philosophical discussion with myself about how I’d want it to work and whether I’d do anything differently if I went back in time. I’d love to go back in time knowing what I do now, but I don’t want to go back as my current age. Part of the fun would be reliving the best years of my life. There are things I’d like to change about myself, but without fundamentally changing who I am.

Questions from Misty of simsl3gacies:

1. What inspires you to write Sims stories?

I read a lot, from books to blogs, and I was inspired by other Sims stories to take on my own challenge. In terms of writing my story, I usually get my inspiration from game play.

2. Which character are you most attached to and why?

I’m most attached to Jill because she’s the only constant in my story. I love her no-nonsense attitude, unconditional love for her children and, of course, her finely tuned man-hunting skills. 😉

3. How much time do you spend set-building?

With a 100 baby challenge, I need to play first and write what happens, with some creative license. So, I don’t spend a lot of time building sets to take posed shots. I’ve done it a few times, and it takes a lot more time than I would’ve thought. One example is in Mind Games. I wanted Christopher to seduce Jill in his music studio, inside the theater. Of course, there isn’t one, so I edited another building to shoot those scenes. I give a ton of credit to those of you who build elaborate scenes to illustrate your stories. It’s a real investment in time.

4. Do you have any personal rituals involved in your writing process?

I don’t have any rituals per se, but I work full time, so I only play and write on the weekends or if I have a day off. It can take me an entire weekend to publish a chapter, with game play on Saturday (plotting as I go) and writing and editing on Sunday. The one thing that’s constant is that I’m sitting in my comfy chair with my laptop. I sit at a desk all day for work. I’d never play the Sims or write if I had to use a desktop PC.

5. Have you ever finished a 10 generation legacy?

No, I’ve never even attempted a legacy challenge. The part that typically scares me off is if building your own house is required. I’m not a good builder, and it frustrates me.

6. If you’re into gameplay challenges, what challenge are you thinking about playing next?

I’m already in a long-term commitment with my baby challenge. So, other than the Rags to Riches challenge I started on Tumblr that I plan to continue updating, it’ll be a while before I even think about another challenge.

7. Biggest pet peeve about the game?

My biggest pet peeve is how long it takes to load the game. I’m impatient.

8. Do you admit to your friends that you play Sims?

I’ve only done it once or twice. Unless they’ve played, they just don’t understand and share my enjoyment of the game.

9. Have you ever dreamed about Sims?

I haven’t dreamed about Sims, unless you count daydreaming. I used to do that when I first started playing. For example, I’d look at houses and wonder if I could build something similar in game. Of course, the answer was always a resounding no — at least not well.

10. What feature do you wish existed in the game?

Where’s the ‘make real’ button?!? On second thought, that would get me in a lot of trouble. I’d want to bring my favorite characters to life, and I don’t want to be responsible for what might happen. LOL. Can I just look and not touch? Pretty please? 😉

11. Think there will be a Sims 5?

As long as there is money to be made, I think EA will continue to introduce new incarnations of The Sims. Hopefully, if they do, it’s a step forward, not backwards like Sims 4 feels to me.

Questions from Andante Zen of The Last Canvas:

01- Why do you write?

I write for fun. I understand that for some people, like you, writing is your passion — your calling. I enjoy being part of the blogging community and sharing my sometimes zany ideas with other simmers. But when it ceases being fun, I’ll simply stop and I won’t feel as though part of me is missing. I’ll always read, because I appreciate the talent that other writers possess.

02 – What motivates you to write?

Sometimes, after completing a chapter, I know where I want the story to go next. I’m motivated to get the next chapter out because I’m either excited about what’s coming or I don’t want to forget it. Other times, it’s when a reader posts a comment saying they miss reading my blog if it’s been too long between posts. It makes me try even harder to push past whatever is holding me back.

03 – When did you start writing? And blogging?

I have no creative writing background, so I began writing with my first blog post in May 2013.

04 – Does publishing online interferes with your writing process, and how?

Not for me. It’s actually motivation to write the story.

05 – What is your writing process — do you have a preferred place, hour, a ritual to write?

I responded to a similar question from Misty (#4). I’ll add, though, that I do my best writing early in the day. I’m too tired after work to write anything coherent, never mind creative. 😉

06 – Do your online readers influence you, and how?

Yes. Sometimes they unknowingly influence the story by their comments. I don’t mean to say that I always give them what they want because I can do the exact opposite just to see what their reaction will be. (Hello, Jasper!) I don’t want readers to get too complacent about how Jill will deal with the men in her life. There are a lot of gray areas in life that Jill may explore, although she will always have a good heart and love her kids. That won’t ever change.

07 – Have social medias changed your writing, and how?

I don’t share my blog on Facebook or Twitter. The only other place I post about it is on Tumblr. That has allowed me to broaden my audience a bit and also provide outtakes and deleted scenes. I have a scene between Luke and Al that I hope to post this weekend.

08 – What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

I usually have to wait it out and read other books, blogs and Tumblr stories to see if I can kick-start my imagination. I don’t generally start playing my current game save because I don’t have the luxury of wasting Sims time. Jill needs to have a baby every 4.5 days to succeed in her challenge. (Twins and triplets help a lot, but her biological clock ticks loudly in my ears.)

09 – What are you favorite authors — in Literature, cinema?

I tend to read contemporary romance novels, and I go through a lot of them. I don’t actually have a favorite author. In cinema, I enjoy movies like The Notebook because it’s a beautiful love story that really touched my heart.

10 – Does writing help you in your personal life, and how?

It allows me to connect to people I wouldn’t necessarily have “met” otherwise. It’s also a fun creative outlet when I’m inspired.

11- You’re free to deliver whatever message you want for whomever reads this.

I’m extremely honored to have been nominated for the Liebster Award, and 6 times — I almost fell off my chair! There are so many writers who are much more talented and deserving than I am. I’m in such good company. I feel like I’ve arrived at an elegant party wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and no one even notices that I’m under-dressed. They’re all too busy making me feel welcome. I love you all. ♥

Thank you so much to my readers, who’ve stuck with me and my erratic posting schedule. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know! ♥

Questions for my nominees:

1)  What scene in your story caused the most controversy among your readers?

2)  Where do you find inspiration for story lines?

3)  Do you have any other story ideas brewing besides the blogs you’re currently publishing?

4)  What is your favorite type of scene to write?

5)  Do you think your story would be any different if you didn’t use The Sims to illustrate it? Does it help you or constrain you?

6)  What types of stories do you like to read (books, blogs, etc.)?

7)  Have you ever received any great writing advice that you’d like to pass along? Or, do you have advice of your own to share?

8)  If you were to spot one of your male characters across the room without knowing anything about him, which one would be most likely to catch your eye, and why? (No one is off limits. Assume you’re both single and that he’s straight and of the appropriate age for you. I’m not leaving out all those hot gay guys in your blogs. They’re fair game for the purposes of this question. And, if your favorite is a teenager, assume you’re one, too.)

9)  Repeat of question 8, but please choose a male character from any blog you read, and you can factor in his personality this time. (Make me fall in love with another character!)

10)  How long have you been playing The Sims?

11)  Have you written from both male and female points of view? If so, which do you prefer, and why?

If I’ve nominated you for two stories, feel free to respond to questions using whichever story you choose. (I love them both equally!)

“It’s Raining Men” — written by Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer in 1979; originally recorded by The Weather Girls in 1982. No copyright infringement intended.


13 thoughts on “Liebster Award x6

  1. Pingback: Liebster Award x6 | The Insane Dubois Legacy

  2. You definitely deserve the award! I’d nominate you, but I don’t have a blog 😛
    I’m very sorry to hear that you and your husband are unable to have children. I’m glad that you are still together, and in love. It seems to me you have your happy ever after.
    I hate lag, too, and also have no CC (which also stops me from having some of those excellent guys!)
    Very well thought out answers, and again, you deserve all 6 of these nominations and anymore you might get!

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Makayla. I certainly appreciate it. Hubby and I came to terms with not having children a long time ago. We have lots of nieces & nephews, so there’s never a shortage of kids around during the holidays.

      After all the time it took to answer the questions, I’m glad that someone read them. 😉 Some of those questions really made me think! LOL

  3. Wow Ĺily, you answered all of the questions! I truly admire you! It would have taken me forever 🙂 I loved all your answers 😉

    But then… I felt very sad to read you can’t have babies 😦 😦 😦 I guess all these 100 babies won’t ever make up for one real baby… I believe you would have been a great mom!!! ❤ And you are a great aunt for sure 😉

    P.S. I hate so much when I am about to save and the game crashes… I'm only playing the second generation and loading my save takes sometimes more than half an hour! That's absolutely crazy… Sometimes I wonder if I will ever make it to the 10th generation due to the epic loading times 😀

    • Thanks, Kate. I am a great aunt, literally, because some of my nieces have children. I’m the youngest in my family and became an aunt for the first time at the age of 11. 🙂

      Wow, it seems you’re having more problems with the game lagging than I do. I always “save” and then just “exit”. There’s a bigger chance of crashing when you “save & exit” at the same time. Do you use any NRAAS mods? Overwatch can help reduce game bloat by cleaning up stranded cars every night.

      • Wow, at the age of 11? Then I guess you must be a professional aunt by now! 😉 I’m going to become an aunt myself soon – at the age of 25 – you beat me here. My sister and her husband are expecting a baby, I think it will be a boy 🙂 We’ll get to know this week.

        I couldn’t stand the loading anymore and since something went wrong with my laptop I decided to reinstall it completely. It took me the entire day to put back all the expansions and stuff packs! Now, the game loads in 5 min, so I am really glad I reinstalled everything!

        I don’t use any mod. My crashing problem used to occur rather when I haven’t saved for a long time than during saving the game. I never ”save and exit” though, I always ”save as” and when I am done playing i just quit the game.

        OK, I’m off to work on the next episode! Have a nice day, Lily! 🙂

  4. I took my time to read your 66 answers, and enjoy it.
    I admire your patience to answer them all, some of which are pretty similar — and yet you give another take on them.
    Your honesty is also very touching. There is something relaxed about your writing and answering that I need to learn, too.
    Thank you for answering my questions.
    And thank you for being there!

    • The way I see it, if someone was kind enough to nominate me for an award I didn’t even know existed, the least I can do is respond to their questions to the best of my ability. I’m a very open person, so I’m glad that came through in my responses.

      You’re so welcome! I’m very glad we “met”. 😀

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