Bonus: Kevin’s Date

Kevin’s POV:

Abrielle and I have been getting along really well, and I have no interest in seeing anyone else. Since the day I first laid eyes on her in high school, she’s been the only girl for me. Even though we haven’t committed to each other exclusively, I hope she feels the same way. Tonight, I’m going to lay my cards on the table and find out for sure.

“Hi, Abrielle. It’s me. Are you free for dinner tonight?”

“Great. I’ll pick you up in an hour.”


I pick up Abrielle and drive to The Blooming Cactus Bistro. With its outdoor seating and scenic view, it’s the perfect spot to have a romantic dinner and watch the sunset.

“I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant, Kev. I heard the food here is delicious.”


“Me, too. Plus, it’s such a beautiful night to sit outside and enjoy the view.”


A waiter comes outside to show us to our table and give us menus.

“What do you feel like eating tonight, Abrielle?”

“I’m torn between the stir fry and the Philly cheesesteak. I’m kinda in the mood for a sandwich, though, so I think I’ll go with the cheesesteak. How about you?”

“The firecracker shrimp sounds good. I’ve never tried it before. Have you?”

“No, but there’s a first time for everything, right, Kev? Why not give it a shot?”

I grin and say, “I like the way you think. Why not, indeed?” When the waiter returns to take our order, I say, “The lady would like the Philly cheesesteak, and I’ll have the firecracker shrimp.” The waiter nods and says, “Very good, sir. I’ll put the order in right now.”

While we wait for our food to arrive, I ask Abrielle about her day. She tells me she went shopping with her sister and bought some new clothes. I listen attentively and ask, “Is that a new outfit you’re wearing?”

Abrielle smiles and says, “Yes, it is. What do you think?”

The waiter arrives and places our food on the table and then heads back inside the restaurant.

“I think you look beautiful, Abrielle,” I say softly, while looking into her eyes so she knows I mean it. “But, then, you always look beautiful to me.”

“Well, now you’re making me blush,” she smiles coyly. “We should eat before our food gets cold.”


I smile to myself because I can see how my compliment affects Abrielle. I doubt her previous boyfriend, Ethan, was the romantic type.


“Mmm … this is a little spicy, but it’s finger-licking good. How’s your Philly cheesesteak?”

“Totally yummy.”

We continue talking about anything and everything as we finish our meals.


After the waiter clears the table and I settle the bill, I start to feel as if my chest is on fire. I’ve never felt anything like it, and the last thing I want is to get sick and ruin the romantic evening I planned. Suddenly, I jump from the table and it feels as if I’m breathing fire and red-hot steam is shooting out of my ears. I’m sure I’m just imagining it because things like that don’t really happen.

Abrielle notices that my brow is furrowed and I have my hand on my chest. She says, “Kev, are you OK? Did the firecracker shrimp give you heartburn?”

I nod my head and say, “Maybe that’s what it is. I’ve never had heartburn before. How do you get rid of it?”

Abrielle pulls out a small bottle of Tums Freshers from her purse and says, “These usually do the trick for me. Here — give ’em a try. They work pretty fast.”

I sit back down and chew the Tums. “Hmm. Not bad. I thought they’d taste like medicine, but they taste minty.”

“Yeah, these are a new type that combines the antacid for heartburn relief with a breath freshener. That’s why I carry them in my purse.”


Once I feel like myself again, I say, “Thanks. You’re a lifesaver. I owe you one.”

“You’re welcome. I couldn’t stand to see you suffer like that.”

“So, aside from my 5-alarm fire,” I chuckle, “did you enjoy dinner?”

“Dinner was great. I enjoyed the food, the view and, of course, the company most of all. How about you?”

“I think I can live without ever having firecracker shrimp again,” I chortle. “But I agree that the company was great, as was the view.”

“Kev, did you even notice the view? I don’t remember seeing you look in that direction once,” she smirks.

As I gaze lovingly into her eyes, I say, “I couldn’t tear myself away from the view right in front of me. This restaurant has a great view overlooking the mountains, but it doesn’t hold a candle to you, sweetheart.”


Abrielle returns my gaze, saying, “Oh, Kevin, you say the sweetest things.”

“And I mean every word.”

The moment is too perfect to let it slip away. Abrielle’s eyes are like pools of melted chocolate, and her full, lush lips are like a siren’s call beckoning me. I have to kiss her.

I take a step towards her and wrap my left arm around her waist, pulling her up against me. Then I slide my right hand up to the nape of her neck and hold her while I lower my lips to hers for a long, lingering kiss. We’re completely oblivious to our surroundings.


I could kiss Abrielle for hours, but I’m getting pretty turned on, and I finally remember we’re still at the restaurant and that I brought her to the bistro for a reason. Regretfully, I end the kiss. When I open my eyes, I’m happy to see that we’re alone in the outdoor seating area. I had been so focused on Abrielle that everything else ceased to exist for a few minutes.

I take Abrielle’s hand, look into her eyes and say, “Sweetheart, since the first day we met, I’ve wanted to be with you. Only you. You make me feel things I’ve never felt before. While I’ve been seeing you, I haven’t dated anyone else. I have no desire to do so. I hope you feel the same way. I’ve always considered you my girlfriend, but I’ve never asked you outright if you want to see me exclusively. Do you, Abrielle?”


Abrielle throws her arms around me and pulls me in for a kiss that’s brief, yet full of passion. A little stunned, I ask, “Does that mean what I think it means?”

“Yes. Absolutely, yes. I want you, Kevin Thomas, to be my boyfriend. You’re everything I want in a man.”

“Sweetheart, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Now get back over here and kiss your boyfriend again,” I smirk.


I bring Abrielle home with me after dinner. Before we even make it in the house, it’s like something in my mind snaps, and I feel like a dog instead of a man. It’s the weirdest thing. I can feel myself panting and acting strange, but I’m powerless to stop it. Luckily, it only lasts for a couple of awkward moments. Abrielle seems to take it in stride. Man, I’m one lucky guy if she can overlook my “quirks.”


We decide to watch a movie, and Abrielle says I can pick whatever I feel like watching. While I’m picking out a DVD, she’s talking to my little brother Lucas in the kitchen. I can’t really hear their conversation, but I’m glad that my girlfriend is comfortable with my family.


Abrielle and I cuddle on the sofa and start watching the movie. After putting the twins to bed, Mom walks by and says, “Goodnight, kids. I’m off to bed.”

“Goodnight, Mrs. Thomas. Sleep well.”

“G’night, Mom.”


As soon as I hear my Mom’s bedroom door close, I turn to Abrielle and say, “Alone at last.”

She looks up at me and smiles, then holds my left hand with hers.

I run my right hand back and forth across her taut stomach as I kiss her again and again — long, deep kisses.


Abrielle moans softly as we make out, which is a total turn-on. I hold my raging libido in check and keep my hands on a tight leash. I really care about Abrielle, and I want to take things slowly with her. It’s not going to be easy, but she’s worth it.



10 thoughts on “Bonus: Kevin’s Date

  1. Finally I am the first one to comment, hihi 🙂
    I am really happy for Kevin, being so handsome and everything, it is a little awkward to see him become the romantic type and ”settle” with one girl so early 🙂 I thought he would be that kind of guy that dates a lot and every girl wants to be THE ONE. Well, I like him more this way anyways (I am a romantic soul myself) 🙂

    • Congratulations on making it to the front of the line, and thanks for reading & commenting! 🙂

      Kevin’s traits are Good, Athletic, Supernatural Fan, Insane and Kleptomaniac. The fact that Kevin is good makes him want to find a girl and treat her right. Being handsome and athletic attracts the girls, but not all of them are willing to put up with his insanity. Abrielle takes it in stride and considers Kevin “quirky,” which she thinks is adorable. He’s always so happy around her. I just had to fire up the romance meter for them. 🙂

    • LOL … As handsome as Kevin is, he comes with a bit of baggage. It takes a special person to overlook Kevin’s “quirks.” (I’m glad I was able to catch him acting up. The timing was perfect.) In that respect, Abrielle is perfect for him.

  2. Aw, damn. I caught up. I was hoping there was a few more chapters, so my reading didn’t have to end just yet!
    I love the blog, the kids are absolutely adorable and the way you write is hilarious.
    I wish the M twins had gotten their dads cute freckles, but oh well! Better luck next time.
    The triplet’s ‘Most Likely To’ awards cracked me up, talk about bad luck!
    You’re going along fast, heaps of twins and a couple of triplets really speed things up. In mine, I’ve had one set of twins and one set or triplets, but I’m only up to baby 10. I would be further but… game troubles 😦 they suck!
    Anyway, Kevin is sooo good looking *fans self* good genes! Jill’s had quite a few handsome boys
    The grand kids are so cute, SP really helps in that respect – I mean the kids getting married and reproducing, not the grandkids being cute haha
    Well, this message is getting long (then again, I have like 30 kids to talk about :D) so I’ll just say good luck in your challenge and I’m looking forward to the next update!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I was really bummed that Charles didn’t pass along his adorable freckles, too. I was so looking forward to them!

      I don’t know what I’d do without the Fertility Treatment LTW. This challenge takes forever as it is! Sorry about your game troubles. That really takes the fun out of playing.

      I have to agree with you about Kevin. He’s a cutie. Having a good looking baby daddy is half the battle, of course. Thanks for reading & commenting!

    • Like father, like son. Kevin’s feelings run deep, similar to the way Garret was with Jill. He wants a real relationship with Abrielle, and he’s willing to take his time and woo her. Thanks for reading & commenting!

    • Kevin’s a sweetie pie. He was just too adorable to be any other way. I love when his insanity rears its quirky head. Abrielle just takes it in stride. Young love, indeed! Thanks for reading & commenting!

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