Hi, everyone. Sorry about the long hiatus. I’ve decided not to publish updates on Hannah & Hunter and the Traynor Triplets after all. Sorry to anyone who’s disappointed. I’ve been experiencing so much lag that it’s made playing no fun. I’ve wrapped up the last post in Moonlight Falls and will be publishing that today. And, I hope that the move to a new world will make my game perform well again.

I need to set up Lucky Palms and find appropriate housing for my large family. I’m not a builder, so if you know of any houses that have 4-5 decent sized bedrooms that aren’t too intensive to run on a laptop, please let me know.

Also, I’m in need of some Baby Daddies. Anyone willing to donate a sim? They must be CC-free. Jill likes a variety of types of men, including supernaturals, but like most women, she does like ’em handsome.  *wink, wink*  If you have a sim in mind, please leave a link to him in the comments. Thanks!


14 thoughts on “Back from hiatus

  1. I’m glad you’re back. I was just thinking about you and your story. I missed reading about Jill and the kids. As for houses and sims, if you get a chance to get on the forums, tanu and addy had a gift exchange where we made gifts for others cc free. It was called the aMAYzing homemade gift exchange. There’s lots of houses and sims on there.

    Cant wait for the next update. *hugs* 🙂
    AKA baxter

    • Hi, Rachel. Great to hear from you! Thanks for missing my story. I appreciate your saying that. Once I got started writing the latest update, I realized I’d missed writing it, too. I had always intended to pick the story up again, but frustration got the better of me for a while. Hope you like today’s post.

      Thanks for the idea about the gift exchange. I still have links to the two that I was involved in, and that’s where I’ve found lots of great stuff before. P.S. I’ve associated your name with Baxter, so I know you’re one and the same. 😀

  2. Welcome back!! Also if you are looking for babby daddies check out my baby challenge, there are already a few for download there, they are under genetics (which are fathers that have been already used in my challenge) or downloads (ones that I’ve just randomly created). They have default CC eyes and skin though but since their .Sim files they’ll just convert to what ever you have 🙂

  3. Yay! You’re back!

    I miss your baby challenge. I’ll be uploading a sim here shortly so I will make sure to link you in the reply (It’s Adam from my own legacy. He grew up to be a yummy Man)!

  4. Hey Lily! I saw your comments on my Zenteri Reboot, thank you for them. I’ll reply probably tomorrow, as it’s late here. Anyway I came here to your blog to see if you had posted. XD
    Sorry your game is misbehaving, that’s never any fun. I hope you figure out what is causing the lagging. I’m not sure about any baby daddies, I like CC way too much, LOL. If I ever do make a Sim that doesn’t have any, I will send him your way. ❤

  5. I have to consider myself a very lucky girl! I got to this point right on time… The update is already waiting for me whispering in my ear ”Come on, click the ‘next’ button, you want to, you want to…” BUT I have been reading for a long while now, so I better spare something for the next day 😉 I had a great evening reading your blog! You’re very very talented writer and simmer ❤ and I love Jill and her babies… and yes, some of the daddies, too 🙂

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