Aiden and Ava – Part 1

Warning — Contains sexual content


Aiden and I have been living together ever since we moved out of mom’s house. We were her firstborn twins, so we’ve been out of the house the longest. I have two children – Claudio and Gayle. Their father, Chauncey Grimm, and I are engaged, but we’re going through a rough patch. I’m beginning to have my doubts as to whether it’s going to work out between us. Chauncey sends child support payments, but I’m tired of being a single mom and think it’s about time we either get married or break up. Aiden’s been more of a father to my kids than Chauncey has ever been. I’m grateful to Aiden, but he should get to be the fun uncle instead of a father figure.


I know I’m not perfect. I’m a little neurotic, and I can be a tad forgetful. Aiden says I’m absent-minded. There are worse character flaws; that’s for sure.


Aiden’s a big help around the house, and he often helps out with the kiddos. They love him to pieces.


While I’m cooking breakfast, I hear Aiden cheer and turn to see him fist pump as he watches the kids playing.

“Do you hear that? Gayle is gonna be a virtuoso like her favorite uncle one day. That girl can play a xylophone like nobody’s business.”


“Ava, I’m gonna head outside and practice a bit. If you need anything, just holler.”

Aiden is an amazing musician, and he plays his guitar every chance he gets. It can be a little loud for the kiddos, so he usually plays outside. I love to watch him because he really gets into it.


After breakfast, I take a shower, get dressed and call Chauncey. I want to see if we can work things out. Aiden doesn’t have to be at work until mid-afternoon, and he never minds watching the kids.

“I’m at the art gallery, Ava. You can meet me here if you want.”

“OK. I’m on my way.”


When I arrive, I can see Chauncey is in a mood. Great. What’s your problem now?

“Chauncey, I know we got into a fight, but I don’t even remember what it was about any more. Surely it can’t be so important that it’s worth holding a grudge all this time.”


“I’m still pretty pissed at you, Ava … and if you can’t even remember what’s wrong, then that says a lot.”

“Yeah, it says I’m forgetful. But you’ve known that for years, so don’t hold it against me. And, what about the kids, huh? They’d like to see their Daddy once in a while.”

“Ava, I’m really not in the mood to talk about this right now.”

“Great. Then when will you be in the mood?”

“I don’t know. I’ll call you.”

“Yeah, sure. I won’t hold my breath.” I wish I knew what happened between us so I could fix it. The fact that Chauncey won’t even tell me what’s wrong is a huge problem. Should I return the engagement ring to him, or just wait him out? I guess I’ll hold onto it for now and hope we can get through this. I’ll try to be optimistic, for the kids’ sake.


That night, as I put the kids to bed, I try as hard as I can to remember what happened between Chauncey and me. I put Gayle in her crib and, as usual, she tries to convince me she isn’t tired.


Then I put Claudio in his crib and give him a kiss on the forehead. He doesn’t give me any trouble. Claudio’s birthday is right around the corner, and then he’ll be moving into a big boy bed. We’re pretty tight on space in this house, and both Aiden and I have a crib in our room. Aiden was nice enough to let me have the bigger room when Claudio was born, and that left him with just a twin bed. He wanted to make sure Chauncey could comfortably spend the night in my room. Aiden’s an awesome brother. He’ll make someone a great husband someday. He just has to find the right woman, and having me and the kids here doesn’t help. If Chauncey would stop being an ass, maybe we could get married. Then Aiden can have the place all to himself.



On-line dating hasn’t been working out for me. As I browse through the profiles, I don’t see anyone I’m even remotely interested in dating. Besides that, I know for a fact that some of the women who’ve sent me messages have boyfriends, and I don’t need the hassle.


I love my sister Ava, and I adore my niece and nephew, but I could really use a vacation. It’s a spur of the moment decision, but I grab my cell phone and call a travel agent. As we discuss possible destinations, I have two criteria in the back of my mind:  (1) it’s winter in Moonlight Falls, so I want to go someplace warm, and (2) I have a thing for brunettes. When the agent mentions Shang Simla, I say, “That’s perfect! How soon can I leave?”

“Actually, Mr. Thomas, there’s a seat available on tonight’s red-eye flight if you can get to the airport by 8 p.m.”

“I’ll be there!”

“OK. Then I’ll issue you an e-ticket and you can print your boarding pass at the airport. Let me just get your credit card number, and we’ll have you on your way in no time.”

Knowing Ava heard my conversation, I only have to fill her in on the details. “Ava, I just booked a 3-day trip to Shang Simla, leaving tonight. I feel like I’m in a rut, and I need a change of scenery.”

“I totally get it, Aiden. You’re stuck with me and the kids every day, and I know you love us, but it’s a lot to handle. Besides, when’s the last time you went on a date? You’re much too handsome to mope around the house. Go find yourself some exotic brunette and have an awesome time.”

I just laugh and say, “You’re the best, sis. How did you know I have a thing for brunettes?”

Ava shrugs and laughs. “I have eyes, you know. You’re not as subtle as you think.”


I quickly pack a small suitcase, hop on my scooter and race to the airport. I get there in the nick of time and settle in for the long flight to Shang Simla. The flight’s pretty packed. I toss my bag into the overhead compartment and settle into my window seat. After the flight attendants serve dinner, I lean my seat back and fall fast asleep, dreaming of the promised land of exotic brunettes, my kind of heaven.

I’m awoken by the sound of the flight attendant over the intercom, announcing our arrival. I had hoped to get a bird’s eye view of the country as we made our descent, but I managed to sleep right through it. Oh, well, at least I got some sleep.


I go straight from the airport to what they call ‘base camp,’ a hotel-like place where all the tourists stay. The building sits high up on a mountain, and you have to climb a ton of stairs to get inside. I’m immediately taken in by the warm climate and unique architecture of this foreign land.

When I enter the building, the first person I see is a beautiful, blue-eyed brunette. She’s a tourist like me.  Nice … I haven’t even met a local yet, and things are already looking up.


“Hi, I’m Aiden Thomas. What’s your name?”

She smiled and said, “Becky … Becky Younan. Nice to meet you, Aiden.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Becky. Is this your first time in Shang Simla?”

“Mm-hmm. I just arrived a few minutes ago.”

“Really? Me, too. Did you come with friends, or…”

“Nope. Just me. I like to travel alone. It gives me a chance to meet new people.”

“I know what you mean, Becky. I usually travel alone, too.”


I strike up a conversation with Becky. As we talk, I find myself staring at her lips. They’re so plump, so … kissable. It’s been a long time … too long … since I’ve even kissed a woman, let alone hooked up with one. Mm-mm-mm … Becky’s got a hot body, too. The things I could do to her would make her toes curl. If I play my cards right, maybe I won’t be sleeping alone tonight after all.


I pull out my cell phone and show her a funny internet video. I figure chicks love that stuff. Becky watches it and starts laughing. She has a cute laugh … more like a giggle, really.


Becky says, “I’m still pretty jetlagged from that long flight. Want to sit down and chat for a bit?”

“Sounds good to me. I’m not really up for sightseeing today. I’d rather wait till I’ve had a good night’s sleep.”

Of course, I had just woken up after sleeping on the plane, so I feel fine, but I’d rather get some alone time with Becky. I’m feeling some chemistry, and I want to know if it’s mutual.  As we’re talking, Becky casually mentions that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and I say I’m single, too. I can see out of the corner of my eye that Becky’s checking me out. Like what you see, Becky?


“This furniture is a little uncomfortable, don’t you think? I mean, the seat’s cushioned, but the back isn’t.”

“Yeah, it’s not exactly cushy.”

I scoot closer to Becky and put my arm around her. “Here. Rest against my shoulder instead.”

“That feels nice, Aiden,” she says as she smiles warmly at me.

Again, I find myself staring at Becky’s lips. I take her hand in mine, look into her eyes, and give her a gentle kiss. Becky meets me halfway and welcomes the kiss. Mmm, those lips … so plump … so soft. I can smell and taste her cherry lip gloss.  I want to kiss her again and again. The way she looks at me afterwards, I can see desire in Becky’s eyes. She wants me, too. This could work out for both of us.


I slide my hand across Becky’s waist, pulling her closer to me. Then I lean in and kiss her the way I’ve been wanting to ever since I first set my eyes on her lips … long, deep and slow.

“Mmm…,” Becky moans in response as she holds the hand that’s wrapped around her shoulders, leaving my other hand free to roam her firm body. As I do, Becky’s hand rubs my thigh, causing me to groan softly. My breathing becomes labored and my thoughts run wild.

When we finally come up for air, I realize I’m starving. I’m gonna need my stamina if tonight goes as planned. I suggest we check out the kitchen to see what there is to eat, and we both grab a quick salad out of the fridge.


When we’ve finished eating, Becky goes over to the sink to wash her hands. She’s bent over a bit, and I find myself drawn to her. Man, look at that ass. I walk up behind Becky, wrap my left hand around her hip and hold her against me. I know I’m taking a huge chance, but I don’t care. No guts, no glory. We’re both on vacation. If she gets pissed, I’ll never have to see her again. If she responds, this weekend will be a lot more fun.


Meanwhile, I look down at her ass and caress it gently with my free hand. Becky just keeps washing her hands without saying a word. That is one fine ass. I’d like to pull that skirt up and take you right here against the sink. Whoa … slow down, man. You’re getting ahead of yourself. Make sure she wants it as much as you do. The night is young.


As Becky turns around slowly, she rubs her ass against me, and I let out a moan. Mercy. I feel like my shorts are going to tear from the strain. Mmm … she knows what she’s doing to me, and she likes it. Two can play that game, Becky.

I wrap my arms around her and lean her back a bit, keeping her hips pressed against me as I kiss her neck, collarbone and chest. Becky’s breathing is shallow, and her ample chest is heaving. She moans softly and wraps her arms around my shoulders.  This is nice, but it would be so much better without clothes.

“Becky, let’s check out the upstairs, hmm?”

“Mm-hmm,” she responds, a little breathless.

I take Becky’s hand and lead her upstairs. We manage to find one bedroom that has a double bed, and we claim it for the night.


I pull Becky into an embrace and kiss her fervently. We both kick off our flip-flops. I run my hands under the hem of her shirt and lift it off her head. Then Becky loosens the drawstring on her skirt, and I slide it off her hips onto the floor. I pull my tank top over my head and remove my shorts. Becky is wearing a cream colored bra and matching lace panties. I smile at her, letting her know I like what I see. She is one hot brunette. Those long legs, that ass, those gorgeous breasts spilling out of her low-cut bra. Mm-mm-mm ….


I sit on the edge of the bed and say, “C’mere,” motioning for Becky to straddle me. I wrap my arm around her and kiss her chest.  She runs her fingers through my hair as she moans softly. She reaches back, unhooks her bra and removes it, giving me full access to her breasts. I look in her eyes and smile in appreciation. Ah … finally. They’re phenomenal.


When neither of us can wait any longer, I make love to Becky with all the pent-up desire of a man who hasn’t had sex for far too long. I make sure she enjoys it, too. Man, that was good … a hell of a lot more fun than sightseeing. I don’t ever want to go that long again.


Contented, I lie down with Becky on top of me, and we cuddle for a few minutes before we crawl under the covers and get some sleep.


The next morning, I get up early, grab a bath and head downstairs for breakfast. Becky is still asleep. Before I have a chance to head out, Becky finds me in the kitchen and takes my hands, beaming from our night together. She asks, “So, what’s the plan for today?”

Uh-oh. She’s gonna be a clinger. “I’m going to do some sightseeing.”

“Mind if I come with you?” Yep … awkward.

“Actually, Becky, I prefer sightseeing alone. That way I can visit places at my own pace. I only have two days left in Shang Simla, and I have a list of places in mind that I’d like to see.” That’s a lie, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings. As much fun as last night was, I came here to hook up with a hot local chick, and if you’re with me, that’s never gonna happen.

Becky tries to hide her disappointment as I head out the door, saying, “Have fun today. See you later.”


I grab a taxi and start checking out the local sights. First stop, the magnificent Halls of the Lost Army.


When I first enter the Halls, a local woman immediately catches my eye. I introduce myself, and she says her name is Biyu Shen.


After we chat a bit, I get up the nerve to tell her sincerely, “You’re very beautiful, Biyu.” She’s exactly my type – a petite brunette with chocolate brown eyes and pouty lips. In fact, she’s even better than my dreams. I’ve never seen such an exotic beauty.


“Thank you Aiden. You’re very kind … and very handsome,” Biyu responds, as she blushes a little. “We don’t get a lot of blonde-haired, blue-eyed men here.”

“If you’re not busy, would you mind showing me around the sites this afternoon?”

“I’d like that very much, Aiden.” The way Biyu purses her lips, I can’t think of anything except how her lips would feel against mine. I have to go for it.


I kiss Biyu chastely on the lips, without any other body parts coming into contact. I want to be sure I don’t scare her away. She reciprocates the kiss. Mmm … such soft lips.


I’m a little overcome and feel myself tearing up. Don’t be so dramatic. Pull yourself together and act like a man.


Biyu looks into my eyes, and I can see that she wants me to kiss her again … so I do. This time, I kiss her passionately, our tongues carrying out their dance of seduction. Biyu has minty fresh breath. When we come up for air, Biyu’s cheeks are flushed. Mmm, you taste so good. I want you. I’ve never wanted anyone so much.

Biyu quickly looks to see if anyone else is around. Oh, God, please don’t lose your nerve.

Sensing her fear that we might be seen by tourists or, worse yet, other locals, I ask her in a hushed tone, “Is there somewhere nearby we can go that would be more private?”

“Yes, there are other buildings here that no one visits. In fact, there are fully furnished houses on either side of the building we’re in now.”

I take Biyu’s hand and say, “Then let’s go to one of those houses now.”

“OK,” she says, letting go of my hand, “but you go and I’ll be a few paces behind you, just in case.”  Phew. Dodged that bullet. I can understand her wanting to be discreet.


I walk out towards our destination with a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait to get Biyu alone, where she’ll feel at ease. The anticipation is killing me.


Once we’re inside the building and I’ve closed the door behind us, I take Biyu in my arms and hold her close. She closes her eyes, and I can feel her breathing is labored. If she’s as turned on as I am right now, we’re gonna have a hell of an afternoon.


As we enter the bedroom, Biyu removes her shoes. I slowly unfasten the frogs on Biyu’s top and, while she slips it off, I unzip her trousers and slide them over her hips. They pool onto the floor. Underneath that loose-fitting clothing, Biyu was hiding a slim, toned body. I wrap my arms around her, caressing her soft skin.

I look towards the bed, but Biyu says, “No, Aiden. I don’t want to mess up the bed. It’s too risky.”

“No problem … I don’t mind the floor if you don’t. Besides, since it’s so hot today, the cool tile floor will probably feel good.”


I quickly remove my T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. To my surprise, Biyu watches me intently, removing her bra and panties while I undress. She then removes my boxers as well. Well, you’re not shy, are you? There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. I guess there’s no need to hold back then. That’s good, because I don’t think I can hold back with you.

Biyu lies down on the cool floor, propped up on her elbows, and I crawl over to her, admiring her body. “Biyu, you’re so beautiful. You leave me speechless.” We kiss ardently.


They she lays back as I kiss and lick her neck and her soft, supple breasts. Her breathing is shallow, and she runs her fingers through my hair.


I can’t wait any longer. I have to have her, and I can see she feels the same way. We make love on the tile floor, both of us moaning in pleasure until our eventual release. Afterwards, we lay on the floor in each other’s arms for a few minutes before getting dressed.

Biyu looks at me with those flirty eyes and a satisfied smile, saying, “That was nice, Aiden … really nice.”


It was starting to get late. “Biyu, would you like to come to base camp and spend the night with me? I have a room with a double bed, and I’d love to wake up to your beautiful face in the morning.”

“That’s very sweet. I’d like that, Aiden.”

When we get back, Biyu makes us some delicious sushi for dinner. She’s an excellent cook, and I devour my meal, having worked up an appetite this afternoon.


As we fall asleep that night, I cradle Biyu in my arms. I haven’t felt this way about a woman in I don’t know how long. This is more than just lust. I hope she feels it, too. Damn, I probably shouldn’t have slept with Becky last night. I let my libido get the best of me. Little did I know I’d meet the woman of my dreams the following day.  I hope Biyu doesn’t hold it against me.

The next morning after breakfast, since the bathrooms are all occupied, I brush my teeth in the kitchen sink. Biyu does the same, and I can’t resist wrapping my arms around her. I can hear her mumble, “Aiden…” in a mock-scolding tone. I can’t help it if I can’t keep my hands off you. I’m like a kid in a candy store.


Now that we’ve both gotten rid of our morning breath, Biyu stands on her tiptoes and kisses me. I’m overjoyed that she initiates the kiss this time.


Biyu and I are still hanging out in the kitchen, flirting with each other, when in walks Becky. I honestly didn’t notice her. I only have eyes for Biyu.


I can hear someone crying. I still haven’t put two and two together and figured out it’s Becky crying.

All of a sudden I see Becky walk over to us, and she does not look happy. “Onto your next conquest already, Aiden? You just can’t keep it in your pants for even one day, can you?” I don’t like where you’re pointing that finger, Becky.


I’m shocked that Becky has the balls to put me in my place like that, and I put my hands up in self-defense. “Becky, I … er … ”


The next thing I know, she looks like she’s going to charge me, and I instinctively protect the family jewels. “Easy there, Becky. Don’t do anything rash.”


I try apologizing. “Look, Becky, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for things to happen the way they did. You’re a really nice girl, and we had a good time yesterday, but I thought you understood that it was just a one-time thing. I mean, come on, we’re on vacation. It’s not like we’re going to see each other again. And, I had no idea I would meet Biyu today.”

Becky seems to calm down for a moment, and I think I’m out of the woods. Then, out of the blue, she turns to Biyu and yells, “And, you! You’re no better!” Biyu looks shocked, and scared. Now you’ve gone too far.


“Leave her out of this! You want to be mad at me? Fine. You have every right to be. But, don’t you dare say another word to Biyu.” With that, Becky stormed out of the room.


“Biyu, honey, I’m so sorry about that.”

“It’s OK, Aiden. We only met yesterday. What you did before doesn’t matter. It’s what you do from now on that counts. And, you defended me. I appreciate that.”

I’m crazy about Biyu. I know we just met, but I’ve been a bachelor long enough to know when it’s the real thing. I rub the back of my neck and decide to take the leap.

“You know, Biyu, I’d love to take you home to Moonlight Falls to meet my sister and her kids. Do you have anything tying you to Shang Simla, or could you take a trip back with me?”

“That’s a pretty big step, Aiden. I don’t know,” she says, pausing for a moment to think it over. “I really like you, and I’d love to travel to Moonlight Falls with you. I don’t have any family here, but my job doesn’t pay much. I couldn’t afford to buy a plane ticket.”

“Oh, Biyu, I’ll gladly pay for your flight, and you can stay at our house. What do you say?”

“Um, OK, then … yes.”


I pick Biyu up and spin her around. “This is gonna be awesome. Biyu, you have no idea how happy that makes me.” She giggles and wraps her arms around my shoulders.

“I have to pack. Do you want to come to my apartment with me? Then we can head to the airport together.”

“Absolutely! It’ll only take me a minute to pack my bag and I’ll be right back. Why don’t you call a taxi while I’m upstairs.”


16 thoughts on “Aiden and Ava – Part 1

  1. Well, damn…that was quick! Aiden is hilarious. Man up, dude and stop the crying! And Ava…por que you look just like your momma?!

    I think Ava should dump Chauncey. Clearly he doesn’t remember why their fighting and just wants to hold a grudge.

    Great chapter!

    • Hehehe. I told you it was in process. I was trying to see if I could get it into a single update, but I couldn’t do it. Then Error Code 12 came along, and I decided to publish something now and wrap it up with Part 2 next weekend. Just didn’t want to deal.

      I’m glad you liked it. Aiden was looking for a fun weekend but found much more than he’d intended. That he got overly dramatic about it was too funny. I wasn’t expecting that either.

      As for Ava, she’s practically Jill’s doppelganger. She even spun into the same hairstyle as Jill when she aged up. We’ll see what happens with Chauncey next week. When I picked up their story, they were engaged, with 2 kids, but enemies. Hmmph.

  2. Yay! Update!

    Ugh, Chauncey is a bum! Ava should dump his arse – she’s too good for him, absent-minded or not (although I’d like to know what their argument might have been about)! Claudio and Gayle are cute ❤ I'm hoping they take after Ava and not Chauncey. I've always found him… unfortunate looking.

    Wow, when Aiden was looking after the kids I did not expect him to be such a heart-breaker! The confrontation with Becky was so funny! When I saw her appear, I was like: OMG, he really /is/ Jill's son! I hope he finds happiness with Biyu.

    Next update, please ^^

    • Yeah, Chauncey doesn’t have many fans at the moment. Ava & Chauncey were paired up ages ago by Twallan’s SP (wouldn’t have been my choice either, but c’est la vie).

      I didn’t expect Aiden to hook up with two women in a row either. It just kinda happened that way. (I was thinking like a man. 😉 ) I liked the drama that his fight with Becky added, so I decided not to cut her out after all.

  3. Haha, I loved this. Especially Aiden’s trip to Shang Simla. Seriously, Becky, he’s a hot tourist, chill. Haven’t you ever heard of one night stands? *shakes head* I loved when Aiden was like “oh great a clinger” ROFL. I wonder what’s up with Chauncey. Aiden is so cute, I had forgotten about him honestly. LOL. Sorry. 😦 I’m happy you did an update on him. 🙂

    • Thanks! Aiden definitely had fun on his trip. I can’t believe Twallan’s SP hadn’t set Aiden up with anyone after all the time he’d been out of Jill’s house. He was way overdue for some lovin’. 😛 We’ll find out what’s up with Chauncey in Part 2, hopefully this weekend. And don’t worry — I don’t expect you to remember ALL the kids. We each have our favorites.

    • Yeah, poor Aiden. He & Ava were the first two to move out from Jill’s house, and Twallan’s SP never fixed him up with a single woman! He was getting pretty needy, so I turned him loose on the unsuspecting women of Shang Simla. 😉

  4. It might be time for Ava to cut Chauncey loose. It doesn’t seem like it’s doing any good for the kids anyway :-/

    Aiden, he cracked me up. A nice guy, and then goes all Casanova on vacation 😀 I was actually surprised he moved so fast with both of them, but hey, nice guys deserve a little wild time sometimes. It is moving awfully fast though, to bring Biyu home with him. I hope it works out for both of them!

    • Chauncey isn’t scoring points with anyone in this chapter, that’s for sure.

      Aiden had originally gone to Shang Simla to find himself an exotic brunette, preferably a local girl. When he walked into base camp and found himself face-to-face with Becky, a hot brunette, he couldn’t resist, and she was all too willing. But, Biyu was love at first sight for Aiden and everything he’d ever wanted in a woman. The timing was terrible after his one-night stand, but he wasn’t going to let that stand in his way. Thanks for reading!

    • LOL … Aiden was a very naughty boy. In his defense, he hadn’t had a girlfriend since he’d moved out of Jill’s house. Way too long ago. He certainly made up for lost time. 😛

  5. I agree with Taina and Becki. Ava deserves much better! She’s luckier than Jill, though. At least she can get attached (theoretically) to her next man. I’d like to see her happy with someone as gorgeous as her brother Aiden 😉

    As for speaking of Aiden… what? Really? He’s shown yourself in a way nobody would have ever suspected, I guess!!! 🙂 (Good he did, though 😛 )
    I am curious if things are going to work out for him and his China girl… I guess I am about to find out in the next installment. Great update, Lily!

      • You’re right that Ava deserves better than Chauncey. Keep in mind, though, that Jill has done a pretty good job of finding and hooking up with most of the good-looking single men in town. Ava is also engaged to Chauncey, and they have two children together. We shall see….

        As for Aiden, he certainly let loose in Shang Simla! 😉

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