Based on a poll I conducted a while back, there was some interest in seeing what’s been happening with a few of your favorite kids. It seems like a good point in the story to do that because Jill and the family need to make a move to a new town. Coming up in the next few posts will be updates on:

  • Evan, Emma & Faith (in process)
  • Aiden & Ava
  • Hannah & Hunter

If there’s anyone else you’d like to add to the list, now’s the time because once I make the move from Moonlight Falls to a new town, I’d rather not go back. I’m starting to experience serious lag and really need a fresh start.

I’m open to ideas on where you’d like to see Jill and the family move. I have all EPs (except Into the Future, which I’ll be getting soon). I have all worlds with the exception of Dragon Valley and Roaring Heights. Midnight Hollow isn’t on the list because it’s just too dark to get decent pictures. Assuming I didn’t leave out any EA standard worlds, that leaves you with the following choices:

  • Appaloosa Plains
  • Aurora Skies
  • Barnacle Bay
  • Bridgeport (honestly, Bridgeport would be quite a challenge with a house full of kids)
  • Hidden Springs
  • Isla Paradiso (I have it but haven’t installed it yet)
  • Lucky Palms
  • Lunar Lakes
  • Monte Vista
  • Riverview
  • Starlight Shores
  • Sunlit Tides
  • Sunset Valley
  • Twinbrook

Making my readers happy is paramount to me! You have no idea how positively giddy I get when I read your comments. 😀

Please let me know in the comments section what your preferences are for the Thomas family’s new home. And, if there are any other kids you’d like to check in on, ask and ye shall receive.

To make it interesting, I’m going to draw a name from the responses and gift the person something from their Sims3 wish list, assuming they have one. So, in the comment section, along with your response, please include your Sims3 forum name if you want to be in the drawing (and I don’t know it already). I’m LilyParker there as well. Feel free to send me a friend request. Lurkers … come out, come out, wherever you are! I don’t bite … honest! 😉


31 thoughts on “Kids Update and New World Vote

  1. So, Starlight Shores is great for some good places to go. Appaloosa Plains is great for space, which you would want. And Lucky Plains has a great environment for outdoor photos.

    Those are my three choices.

  2. hmmmmm Monte Vista or Lucky Palms, although MH is awesome, I haven’t had trouble getting decent shots, but then I haven’t been trying for blog pics, if you move them to IP you may have to keep the house on dry land.

    As to the lotto no wl, so not playing 😀

  3. I’d say either Appaloosa Plains or Hidden Springs as they are my favourite towns for the Baby Challenge as they’re more family looking, besides for Moonlight Falls which is my all time favourite.

    I just found your blog and just started reading, I must say I love it! great job! grrr_420 <—- made almost 5 years ago, no hate XD lol

    • Two more good options! Thank you for reading & commenting! I accepted your friend request and checked out your blog. Yours is quite interesting; I’ve never seen a gene challenge before. 😀

  4. Aw, I would’ve liked Midnight Hollow (it’s so dark and quirky, definitely my fav. world so far but I guess I can understand why it’s excluded)! This is a really hard decision, but I’d have to say Monte Vista, because 1) I don’t have it and 2) I love the Italian theme. Secondary choice would have to be Hidden Springs ~ it’s so colourful and cute ❤

    By the way, my sims username is LadyLuck09! Update soon, please ^^

    • Well, I did snag an interesting household from MH and may be popping them into a new town. You’re all making me want to check out MH again and see if I’m making a mistake by counting it out. I just remember it being dark and depressing. Yours is the second vote for Monte Vista. We’ll see what happens.

      Sent you a friend request. 😀

    • *waves hello* Hi, there! Thanks for reading and for coming out of hiding. 😉 I appreciate ALL my readers and sometimes I lurk, too. Hidden Springs, huh? With 3 votes counting today’s, it’s a distinct possibility. I’d love to enter you in the drawing. Do you have a sims3 forum name you’d be willing to share? 😀

    • Hiya Seaweedy! You’re the third Hidden Springs vote. I’ve only been playing for two years and remember spending lots of quality time in Twinbrook and Sunset Valley, so those are fine with me, too. Thanks so much for following along and helping to promote my blog. 😀

  5. Hi Lily! Sorry if I’m late to the vote. Lucky Palms is the one I vote for because I don’t have it, but I think it’s a cool town. Moving around is definitely something necessary in a baby challenge, Sicily’s game gets irritating every once in a while, and that’s when I know it’s time for a move. LOL. I like your idea of showing updates on the kids, the kid I wanted to know about is in there already, it’s Hunter… *drools* 😀

    My Sims 3 Forum name is NewtotheSims.
    It’s quite lame, but my creativeness was hiding in a cave the day I made a Sims3 account. ROFL. Your idea of having a drawing is fun, and I’m excited for it. 🙂 *runs away to put something on my wishlist* LOL.

    • Hi! You’re not late. No worries. I was originally thinking of moving the family to Lucky Palms, but then a couple readers had suggestions and I decided to leave it up to you guys. I’m glad you’re looking forward to updates on the kids. I don’t know what Hunter’s been up to yet, but Twallan’s Story Progression always keeps it interesting.

      I sent you a friend request. LOL … I was really anxious to get going when I first joined the site, too, which is why I ended up picking my sim’s name from the Sims Social FB game (Lily Parker).

      I’m glad you’re excited for the drawing. I am, too! I’ll keep the vote open until at least the weekend or until I post the next update. Thanks for participating! 😀

  6. Lucky Palms for sure! I just love the desert theme, plus you can added the casino if you have it and make extra cash without a job! I’m using it for my legacy and cannot stop taking scenery screenies! Good luck! I’ll be lurking to see the final decision!

    • Hi & thanks for your vote (and for reading, of course)! I’d like to add you into the prize drawing. Do you have a name on the sims3 site? If so, please let me know what it is & make sure you have some things on your wish list. I’m LilyParker there as well if you want to send me a friend request. Thanks! I’m off work this week, so I have extra play time! I’m working on my Evan/Emma/Faith update now. I’ll announce the drawing winner by this weekend, maybe sooner. 😀

      • Okay! It’s mightykitty2. Sweet, I can’t wait to see the update! I’ve been catching up reading over the holidays so hopefully I will be caught up by the time it’s posted! 🙂

  7. Getting comments is so fun, isn’t it? When your story becomes interactive, it’s all the more rewarding. I met my two Sims besties by commenting on their stories.

    I’m sure we’ll love reading your updates no matter which town you move to. Heh, I got Roaring Heights the day it came out, but have yet to even look at it! Midnight Hollow is my current favorite. There are always lighting mods, though tbh I actually really love the gray-ness of the world. I can add lighting wherever I need it for screen shots.

    • It really is, Misty! I’ve gained some new friends via Sims stories, too.

      Thanks for saying that. I have yet to install IP, so I get it. I’m spoiled for choice as it is, which is why I figured I’d ask readers to choose the next world for me. Midnight Hollow may be more interesting to me in the summer. In the winter, I’d rather play somewhere brighter.

      I’d love to include you in the drawing, but to be fair to others, you’d have to pick a world and have a wish list. 🙂 Your call, of course. You certainly don’t have to participate.

    • Thanks! LOL. No, it’s not a 100 towns challenge, although I didn’t realize when I started that I’d have to move the family multiple times. It makes sense now, though. My game’s running so much better, and there are actually single men in town. 😉

      • Good for you 🙂 I don’t have this anti-blocking possibility with my challenge. My legacy family has to stay in the same town, on the same lot… for all ten generations. I hope, that having max 3 kids per generation will help a little… Unfortunately, the legacy challenge tends to get very buggy at the end… 😦

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