Crazy About You

At the crack of dawn, I awoke in Garret’s bed. As I gazed at his handsome face while he lay sleeping, I smiled, recalling our promise to pick up where we’d left off last night. I quietly slid out of bed, trying not to disturb him. I had only taken a couple of steps when I heard Garret’s voice.

“Babe, where are you going? You were supposed to wake me.”

When I turned and saw Garret propped up on his elbows with apprehension in his eyes, I quickly replied, “I’m just going to brush my teeth. I’ll be right back.”


Garret hopped out of bed and kissed me hungrily. It happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to protest.

“I told you I’m crazy about you, Jill. You really think a little morning breath is gonna bother me?”


“Mmm… apparently not,” I said as I pulled his arms back around my waist, and Garret leaned in to kiss me again.

When our lips parted, I smiled at him and said, “Good morning, Garret. Did you sleep well?”


“I did, but if I’d had my way, we wouldn’t have gotten any sleep at all,” he said with lust-filled eyes.

Garret pressed his hard body against mine and held me tight as he kissed me passionately. I felt so warm and safe and loved in his arms.


“Come back to bed, babe. We had a date, remember?” Garret took my hand and led me back to bed.

“How could I possibly forget a date with you?” I purred.

Garret put his arm around me and rested his hand on my hip as he gazed into my eyes.


Then he laid me back on the bed and hovered over me as he kissed me for the longest time, his kisses becoming more fervent as time passed.

When he came up for air, Garret moaned, “Babe, I could kiss those luscious lips of yours all day. And, I would, but you’re kissable all over.” As he was talking, Garret left a trail of kisses across my shoulder, all over the right side of my neck, teasing my earlobe, then down again, along my collarbone and upper chest, then across to the other side to repeat the process. As he did, I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned with pleasure.

“Garret, baby … you’re driving me insane.”

“That’s the idea. And, the feeling’s mutual.”


There was something different about Garret. Maybe it’s that he’s older than most of the guys I’ve dated. They say with age comes experience. I never thought much about it until now. But, when Garret made love to me, I experienced a level of pleasure I hadn’t before. Don’t get me wrong — most of my previous Baby Daddies were good in bed. Some were quite good. Garret was … exceptional. He was a patient man, and he was focused on giving pleasure more than receiving it. I was putty in his hands. When neither of us could wait any longer, we finally surrendered to our desires.


Afterwards, Garret wrapped his arms around me and rolled us both over, leaving me lying on top of him. I rested my head on Garret’s chest as he cradled me in his arms, running his fingers through my hair. I could feel his heart still beating fast. After a few minutes, I realized it was probably getting late.

I sat up, and Garret raised up on his elbows, looking at me. “Garret, I have to get home to the kids.”

“Do you have to go so soon? I don’t have to leave for work until this afternoon. We could spend the rest of the morning in bed.”

“Garret, I’d love nothing more than to spend the whole day in bed with you.” And, when I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes, I almost crawled right back into bed.


Instead, I got up and started looking for my clothes, which had gotten tossed to the side in the heat of passion last night.

“But, I’m afraid I do have to leave.”

“Then at least let me kiss you goodbye properly,” Garret said as he got up and enveloped me in his arms, planting a passionate kiss on my lips.


My body immediately responded to Garret, and I greedily accepted his kisses. “Mmm, Garret, you’re not making this any easier on me.”


Garret smiled knowingly. “OK. Now you can get dressed, if you must.”

As I finished getting dressed, I said, “You know I hate to go. I’ll call you, Garret. That’s a promise.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Jill. I need to see you again, and the sooner, the better….”


As I was driving home, I couldn’t help but think of Garret and the time we spent together. When I looked up in the rear-view mirror, I noticed that my cheeks were still flushed from our morning tryst. Oh, Garret, I thought to myself, you really know how to please a woman.

Once I walked through the front door, I was back in Mom mode. I thanked Hannah for watching the kids while I was at Garret’s. When I checked the clock, I saw that the school bus would be arriving in a few minutes, and the kiddos weren’t ready for school yet. None of them had showered or gotten dressed. I asked Hannah for a little help before she left for work. She happily obliged.

Isaac was about to eat a piece of angel food cake for breakfast. Suddenly, a purple light surrounded him, and he was magically clean.


Isabella hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet, so she was definitely running late. Hannah managed to bathe her while she slept, then she magically cleaned Isaiah. Having a genie in the household certainly had its benefits.


By now, the twins were awake and waiting in their cribs. I picked up Jenna first and snuggled with her, then put her in her highchair for breakfast.


Next, I scooped up Jayden, who was in need of a bath. So, I filled his little bathtub with warm water and bubbles and gave him a bath. Then, I sat him in his highchair for breakfast.


While the older kids were at school, I stayed at home, playing with the twins and working in my garden.

I was missing Garret, so I called him and invited him over one night after work. By then, the younger kids were usually in bed. The moon was full that night, and it cast an eerie glow over the entire town. When Garret arrived, I asked if he wanted to spend the night.

“You know I do, babe. I hope you’re not too sleepy,” Garret said with a smile.


Once the kids were in bed, Garret pulled me close and whispered, “So, which bedroom is yours? I’d like to see it.”

“It’s right this way,” I said as I took his hand.

As soon as we entered the room, Garret pulled his sweatshirt over his head, revealing his muscular chest and abs. He then helped me out of my top and got a sneak peak at the teddy I had chosen to wear for him.

“Mmm … What do we have here?”

I just smiled and winked at Garret.

“I must see more,” he said as he unzipped my trousers and slid them off my hips. “Babe, you look incredibly hot in that outfit,” Garret said as he rubbed his hands up and down my sides. “So silky. So damn sexy. And, don’t get me started on the stockings and garters. Damn, babe.”

“So, I guess that means you like it?”

Garret laughed and said, “Yeah, you could say that.” I unzipped Garret’s jeans, and he helped me remove them.

Then we kissed one another with a building passion.


We made love that night and then cuddled until we both fell asleep.


The next morning, I noticed Garret’s back seemed a little sore. I offered him a massage, which he was all too happy to accept. I started by working the tension out of his strong shoulders. Then, I massaged the rest of Garret’s back, paying particular attention to his lumbar area, the source of his pain.


When I was finished, Garret stretched out like a cat on a comfortable rug, letting out a soft groan. “Babe, you have wonderful hands. I feel so much better. Thanks.”

“Glad I could help. Besides, it gave me an excuse to put my hands all over you,” I giggled.


Garret smiled at my admission and said, “Well, not all over me. You’re giving me ideas again, babe.”

“Mmm…” A soft moan escaped my throat as Garret leaned in and kissed me. “Nice ideas or naughty ideas?”

“Nice, naughty ideas,” Garret replied as he led me into the master bathroom.


“Let’s save water and shower together, babe.”

“Well, OK. I’m just doing it for the environment, though.” I tried to keep a straight face, but a giggle slipped out.

“Mm-hmm … whatever you say, babe. Now hop inside before I use all the hot water.”


Once Garret and I had finally managed to keep our hands off each other for a few minutes, Hunter came over and struck up a conversation with Garret. I didn’t realize it until then, but they work together at Llama Stadium.


Hunter was new to the team and wanted to learn whatever he could from Garret. They seemed to get along well, which made me happy considering how awkward it could’ve been for my son and boyfriend to play on the same football team.


Garret started an hour earlier than Hunter and had to run off to work. Before leaving, he changed into his uniform, which showed off his bulging biceps. I missed that sweet man every minute he was away.


The kids came home from school shortly thereafter and got started on their homework. Isaac and Isabella each had a solid B+ grade, while Isaiah was falling behind. Hannah decided she’d help out by tutoring Isaiah. As a genius, Hannah can certainly handle elementary school work. The tricky part was figuring out how to explain things in a way that her little brother would understand.


Hannah is very resourceful, and Isaiah’s grades increased with her help. Now, he’s almost on par with Isaac and Isabella. As a triplet, Isaiah feels the added pressure of doing as well as his siblings.


Garret usually comes over after work and spends the night. OK, I’ll admit that Garret spends nearly as much time at our house as he does at his own. What can I say? I’m crazy about Garret, and my bed feels empty without him in it. We make the most of whatever time we have together. Once the kiddos are in bed, we retire to my bedroom for some privacy.

After discussing the day’s events with me, Garret said softly, “Babe, you’re not tired, are you?”

“Uh-uh. You?”

“Being around you seems to interrupt my sleep cycle,” he said with a throaty laugh.

I looked over at Garret with one eyebrow raised and said, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”


Garret took me in his arms, and we made love that night. Each time with Garret was better than the last, as he took great satisfaction in discovering new and varied ways to give me pleasure.


After we were physically and emotionally drained, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


The next morning, Garret got up to get some breakfast, wearing only his boxers. Isabella just pointed at Garret and giggled. “Sorry. I thought you were at school,” Garret said, heading back in the bedroom to get dressed.


It was a beautiful day, and Garret and I spent some time out in the yard. Hunter called Fatima to ask her out on a date, but she said she was working. He couldn’t hide his disappointment. I wanted to tell Hunter that maybe Fatima wasn’t the right girl for him, but I knew he had to come to that conclusion on his own. I wanted him to be as happy as I was at this very moment.


I decided to throw Jenna and Jayden a birthday party tonight. I let Garret know that I would be inviting Alec since they were his children, as well as Jerrik, because it had been a while since he’d seen the triplets.

“I understand, babe, and I trust you completely,” Garret said as he softly rubbed my cheek. “I have to work tonight anyway. I’m sure it’ll be less awkward for you without me there.”

“You’re the best, you know that?”

Garret smiled in response. I made some phone calls while Garret got ready for work. Then we began party preparations.


Time passed quickly, and soon the guests started arriving. Jerrik arrived just before Garret left for work. He immediately struck up a conversation with Isaac. “Your Mom tells me you’re really smart and athletic, too.”

“Yup. I’ve been watching your football games on TV, Daddy. You run wicked fast. I’m a fast runner, too. Plus, you should see how high I can jump! I’m not afraid of anything.”

“A little fear is a good thing, Isaac. It can keep you from getting hurt. Remember that, son.”


After Garret left, Jerrik asked me to dance, and I was happy to see there were no hard feelings about how we broke up. Jerrik had been the recipient of my first break-up text. It seemed cold and impersonal, but I had to move on. Thankfully, he understood.

As we danced, Jerrik asked, “How are the triplets doing?”

“They’re adorable as ever, Jerrik. Isaac and Isabella are doing really well in school, while Isaiah’s struggling a bit. I’ve got Hannah on the case, though, and her tutoring has been doing wonders for Isaiah’s grades.”

“I knew you’d raise them well, Jill. The boys are well behaved, although I can see that Isabella’s a handful.”

“She is, indeed. I haven’t given up on her, though. Don’t you worry.”


Hannah announced that it was time for Jenna to blow out her candles. She scooped up her little sister, and everyone gathered around, cheering for Jenna, no one more loudly than her Dad.


As Jenna aged up to a child, she became Eco-Friendly, as well as a Loner who Loves the Outdoors. She has blue eyes and a mop of thick brown hair like her Dad, Alec.


Alec came over to chat and asked how the twins and I were doing. Emelie Van Gould had crashed our party and joined the conversation after introducing herself.

“Emelie, have we met before? Your name sounds so familar.”

“I dated your son Evan in high school.”

“That’s right! Evan really liked you. I haven’t talked to him in a while. Are you two still together?”

“No. Evan was very sweet, but it didn’t work out between us.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”


While I was lighting the candles on Jayden’s birthday cake, I could see in my peripheral vision that Emelie was making a play for Hunter. After being turned down for a date with Fatima earlier that evening, Hunter’s ego could use the boost, and he accepted the surprise bouquet gracefully.


From the way Emelie was looking at Hunter, I’d say there was a definite attraction. I don’t know if it was mutual. Hunter’s a man now and certainly able to handle his own love life. As his Mom, I just want him to be happy and spare him whatever heartache I can.

I turned my attention back to Jayden and helped him blow out the candles as everyone cheered.


As a child, Jayden became Mean-Spirited, as well as an Excitable Virtuoso. His genes definitely came from the Thomas lineage.


Due to his crazy work schedule, I hadn’t seen Garret in a while. He was in for a big surprise when he saw me, and I couldn’t wait to break the news. Garret called me as soon as he had a day off, and I invited him over.


Hunter was reading a book on his tablet while Isaac pretended to be a race car driver in the seat next to him.

“Little buddy, you know you don’t need a helmet when you’re only driving an imaginary car, right?”

“Hunter, you know all professional race car drivers wear helmets and goggles. Duh. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.” Then Isaac made the sound of screeching tires careening around a curve.

“Note to self,” Hunter said. “Never argue with a genius, even if he is just a kid.”


I was in the garden watering my plants when Garret approached me so quietly, I almost didn’t hear him. By now, my pregnancy was in full bloom, and there was no hiding it.


With surprise and wonderment in his eyes, Garret looked down at my belly and then back into my eyes as he stuttered rapid-fire, “Babe? Are you…? Am I…? Are we…? Babe?”

I smiled a big toothy grin. “Yes, Garret. I’m pregnant, and you’re gonna be a Daddy.”

“We’re having a baby!?! Oh my God, babe. That’s fantastic!”


Garret grabbed me and gently pulled me into his arms, kissing me with more warmth and intensity than ever before. I had been longing for his touch and responded enthusiastically. “Mmm … I’ve missed you Garret, more than I can say.”

“I know what you mean, babe. I’ve missed you like crazy, too.”


Garret lovingly rubbed my pregnant belly as I put my hand on my hip and proudly displayed it for him.

“Whoa, what was that?”

“That was the baby kicking. It’s been happening a lot lately, especially if I eat spicy food.”

“That was amazing! I’ve never felt anything like it. We may have a little football player in there,” Garret beamed.

“A little boy who looks just like his Daddy? I’d like that very much,” I smiled.

“Or, a beautiful little girl who looks just like her Mommy. She’d steal all the boys’ hearts. Boy or girl, I just can’t wait to meet our baby.”


Music was playing in the backyard, and Garret asked, “May I have this dance?”

I remembered my first dance with Garret in Aleister’s Elixirs. Garret is an excellent dancer. “Absolutely,” I responded as Garret wrapped his right arm around my waist and held my free hand. “We can’t get quite as close together as I’d like,” I chuckled as I looked down at my expansive belly.

“No, we can’t, babe, but it’s for the best possible reason. You’ve never looked more beautiful to me.” I could see in his eyes that he meant every word.

As we danced, Isaac and Isaiah had lunch at the picnic table, and Jenna raked leaves. The object of Hunter’s affection, Fatima, was taking pictures of everyone, especially Hunter. When Fatima had taken enough pictures of our activities, she asked Hunter if it would be OK to use our bathroom. He said, “Of course. Come on inside,” and pointed her in the right direction.


When Fatima came out, Hunter handed her a bouquet of red roses, hoping to win her over with his charm.


Fatima deeply inhaled the roses’ sweet scent and chatted with Hunter a couple of minutes, but then she was on her way. Hunter was beginning to think he was wasting his time with Fatima. Life with a paparazzo girlfriend would be challenging at best, and she’d never even responded to his love letter.


While I was outside with Garret, my cell phone rang. I answered it, and it was Marco asking me on a date. I was furious with him and said, “You know damn well I’m seeing Garret, Marco. For that matter, I’m nearly nine months pregnant. Now, please stop calling me, unless it’s about Benjamin. Do you understand?”

Garret said calmly, “Marco and I are gonna have words when I get home. He’d better back the hell off.”


Later that evening, my water broke, and I started having contractions. I was a little concerned because I hadn’t quite finished my third trimester. Garret assured me everything would be fine, accompanying me to the hospital. Garret stayed by my side throughout labor and delivery. The look on Garret’s face was priceless when the doctor told me to prepare for a multiple birth.

“We’re having twins?”

“Actually, you’re having triplets,” smiled the doctor.

“Holy moley. Here we go again.”

“I know you had triplets with Jerrik, babe. Is that the only time, or have there been others?”

“This will be my second set. What is it about you jocks?” I grinned. “Seriously, Garret, I’m thrilled beyond words. But, first, I’ve gotta get these babies out so they can meet their Daddy.”

Our firstborn was a boy we named Kevin. Kevin is Good, but Insane, and he looks like a toddler version of Garret.


Our second child was a girl who’s Good and Loves the Outdoors. We decided to name her Kendra. She, too, resembles Garret.


Our third child was another girl who is Easily Impressed and Disciplined. We named her Kylie. She takes after the Thomas side of the family.


Like the attentive man he is, Garret came home with me from the hospital so he could help with the babies. This was the beginning of the end of my time with Garret, but I wasn’t ready to let him go quite yet.



13 thoughts on “Crazy About You

  1. Well, that was worth waiting for! I don’t even know where to start . . . that first closeup of Garrett? Damn! I don’t want to see this one go. At all. He should at least make a cameo or a repeat.

    I’m feeling for Hunter. (Fair warning: When I get to doing a 100-baby challenge myself, he WILL be among the baby daddies.) Maybe he’ll come around and give Emelie a chance.

    Jayden growing up reminded me that, so far, knock wood, I haven’t had any Mean-Spirited Sims. I want to say he’s your second in this challenge? How does that play out? Is it manageable?

    Adding it all up, I’m guessing Hannah and Hunter moved out. Two sets of triplets, a set of twins, and–hey, wait! There’s more to this story, isn’t there? You do know your way around a cliffhanger.

    • Glad you liked it! I’m obsessed with Garret at the moment. I’m sure you didn’t notice. I’m so subtle. 😉

      By all means, take Hunter out to play! Feel free to change his traits if you’d like. He was my first of two Mean-Spirited sims. I’m a bit of a control freak, so I usually try to catch him before he acts out. I redirect him like a mom does to a toddler.

      Hannah and Hunter are still living at home. I was too busy with Garret (*blushes*) to remember to find them someplace to live and then kick them out. It’ll happen in the next chapter. So, for now, I have a very crowded house (enabled by Twallan, who thinks of everything).

      • Indeed–after I posted my comment last night, I recalled that you can set the Sims per household higher with that. And, well, Garret’s distracting. Those eyes! That bod! 100% gorgeous.

        I’m thinking Hot-Headed might sub well for Mean-Spirited. For some reason, I always feel guilty changing negative traits to purely positive ones, so I wind up just aiming for “less awful.” And as you say, control-freak tendencies make them manageable.

        Congratulations on making it to (over) 20% of your goal! Triplets again–yeesh. Well, at least they’re beautiful. It could hardly be otherwise between Jill and Garret.

  2. Author’s Note: To those of you who read this post and noticed two photos were missing, sorry! I was trying to remove a couple of duplicate photos and accidentally deleted the ones that were attached to this post (one of Garret in bed 😉 and Jenna’s child CAS shot). I’ve fixed them now. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Yay! An update! 3 more kids added to the tally. You always seem to get multiples, do you have the ‘Fertility Treatment’ reward? If not, Jill is VERY fertile!

    I absolutely LOVE seeing the kids growing up. Hunter ❤

    Nice to see so much chemistry with a baby daddy, too!

    • The Fertility Treatment LTW was Jill’s first purchase. To get triplets, I have Jill listen to kids’ radio while pregnant.

      I’m always anxious to see what the kids will look like as they age up, too.

      Um, yeah … Jill has a lot of chemistry with Garret. I’m a hopeless romantic, as you know, so I figured it was about time to crank it up in the romance department since that’s always my favorite part of a story to read.

  4. Hi Lily! I haven’t been here since a while, but I am really happy I came back 😉 This episode was awesome! The bedroom scenes were narrated really well 🙂 I guess you used some poses to get Jill and Garret in certain positions? I have never used poses, so I really cannot imagine how they work, I was always scared it would corrupt my game and I would lose everything 😦

    PS: I hope Hunter will find a nice girl one day 😉

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. This was about the time I started using a few poses. Once you’ve worked with poses, you may never want to do without them again. They’re a bit addictive. 😉

      If you want to read about poses, check out modthesims. You may need to set up an account, but it’s free. Here’s a link to the Pose Player, which is what makes the poses work: It explains how to use it, and then you can find poses by searching for “sims 3 poses” on Google or another search engine.

      Unlike a lot of other cc, poses are in Package form, so it’s easy to pull them in and out of your game. As long as you don’t leave your sim in the middle of a pose when you shut down your game, you should be fine. To be safe, just save your game right before trying anything new. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks! I have always wondered how people are doing the photoshoot sessions with many Sims sitting on the couch posing for a family portrait… Maybe I will try it myself oneday 😉

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