Emotional Baseball

A wave of contractions hit me like a ton of bricks, and I saw stars for a moment. Breathe, Jill, breathe, I reminded myself. I’d been pregnant many times before, but that didn’t make the contractions hurt any less. I clutched my stomach as the pains increased in intensity and frequency. Time to head to the hospital.

I called Alec and filled him in. He sounded excited and nervous as he said, “I’m on my way, gorgeous! There’s no way I’m missing this.”


As I was being wheeled to the delivery area, I could hear sirens outside. Moments later, I saw Alec running towards me, still dressed in his uniform. He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. Before he could say a word, I looked up at him and said, “Alec, were those sirens I just heard coming from your police cruiser?”

Alec sheepishly replied, “Um, yeah. I told you I’d be here, gorgeous, and I wasn’t taking any chances. You know drivers slow down as soon as they see a police car around. With the sirens on, I had a clear path to you.”


“Oh, Alec. I like the way you think. Now, come closer and give me a real kiss.” Our lips had barely met when another wave of pain hit me, and I grabbed Alec’s hand and squeezed — hard. He put his other hand on top of mine and said, “Squeeze as hard as you want, gorgeous. I can take it.”

A few hours later, we were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Just as I started to relax for a moment, the doctor told me I wasn’t quite finished yet. “Someone else wants to come out and join the family, Jill. Time to start pushing again.” This time, it was a boy. “Oh, my God, gorgeous. Twins? I’m speechless,” Alec stuttered, as he beamed with pride.

After being discharged from the hospital the next evening, I carried our daughter, while Alec carried our son. Alec was barely out of the hospital, and he was already playing with his son. It was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen, as the two began to bond immediately.


After talking it over, Alec and I named our daughter Jenna. She was born with Alec’s brown hair and my blue eyes. Jenna is a Loner who Loves the Outdoors.


We named our son Jayden, and he was born an Excitable Virtuoso. He seems to look a lot more like me than he does Alec at this age.


That night, after I’d put the kids to bed, the doorbell rang. Most times, I just ignored it because it was usually the paparazzi. Hunter decided to answer the door, and while it was, indeed, a paparazzo, Hunter invited her in. I’m sure the fact that she was young and attractive had a lot to do with it.


Hunter tried to get to know this young woman, who I later learned was named Fatima Buchanan. It was the first time I’d seen Hunter pour on the charm. It was a welcome change from those awkward teenage years when he was often mean spirited towards his siblings and even me. They chatted for a while, and then Fatima had to go home.


The next morning, while Hannah was working at the science facility, Hunter helped me feed the twins. Hunter had started pursuing a sports career at Llama Stadium. He didn’t have to report to work until the afternoon. So, he had time to help me with the kids in the morning.


“Hunter, thanks for helping me with the twins. I really appreciate it.” I gave him a huge hug, and Hunter replied, “No biggie, Mom. I don’t mind.”


After the twins were finished eating breakfast, Hunter and I started potty training them. Jenna took to the potty like a champ, while Jayden just stared at her with his eyes wide open, as if he was wondering how she was done so fast.


In the evenings, Hannah and I taught the twins to walk. Hannah worked with Jenna, whose balance was a little shaky at first.


And, I worked with Jayden, who wanted to skip walking and go straight to running. It didn’t take long for the twins to get the hang of it, and soon they were able to toddle from one room to the next with minimal effort.


One day, as I came around the corner into the kitchen, I saw Hunter sitting at the table with a pen and some hot pink stationery. He had a faraway look in his eyes.


He gazed up at the ceiling as he tried to gather his thoughts, and then he wrote a love letter to Fatima. Seeing that expression on Hunter’s face, I knew he was smitten, and I hoped she wouldn’t break his heart.


You never forget your first love. I had certainly never forgotten Chase and was happy that we could remain friends after we broke up. I still think of Chase whenever I see Aiden and Ava. I wonder if Chase knows he’s a grandfather now. Since Ava hadn’t even told me about little Claudio, it was quite possible Chase had no idea.


The next morning, Isaiah missed the school bus. I scolded him for trying to skip school.


“Mommy, I’m not skipping school — honest. I just lost track of time.”


“Don’t start making up excuses, Isaiah. You’re in enough trouble already,” I said in a stern voice.


Isaiah pleaded with me to hear him out. “Please, Mommy. I was just really hungry, and I was eating a piece of Angel Food Cake for breakfast. Hannah made it and, Mommy, it’s soooo good. I had to finish it. I just had to.”


He looked so sincere, and he had a point. Hannah’s food was, well, it was perfect in every way. And, before Hannah started cooking (or summoning food), we had been eating way too many birthday cake meals. “OK, Isaiah, I get it. I’ll let you off the hook. But, you’d better start getting up earlier so you can get to school on time, young man.”


“I promise, Mommy.” He gave me a big hug and said, “I’ll get on my bike right now and pedal as fast as I can to get to school.”

“OK, little man. I’ll see you when you get home.”


The next morning, I had slept a little later than usual. I figured the twins must be up by now, so I went to the nursery and saw Hunter had just picked up Jenna from her crib. He sat her in her high chair and gave her a bowl of cereal.


I scooped up Jayden and fed him breakfast while the triplets got ready for school.

As I was letting Jenna out of her high chair, Hunter was pretending to attack Jayden with a giant claw, also known as his left hand. Jayden’s eyes got as wide as saucers, and he inhaled sharply as if Hunter’s hand really was a scary beast.


And, then, as the giant claw became a tickle monster, Jayden screeched and then giggled until Hunter finally let up. How I love hearing my toddlers giggle. Such joy and innocence.


When Hannah came home from work, she helped me teach the twins to talk. I worked with Jenna, while she taught Jayden.


With the weekend upon us, Hannah was home and able to help with the twins. Since she was used to getting up early for work, she was anxious to spend some quality time with the twins. She picked up little Jayden from his crib and snuggled him. Then she brought him in the kitchen for breakfast.


As I looked over at Jayden in his high chair, I was reminded that the twins’ birthdays were around the corner. Soon they’d be starting school. That meant my time with Alec was coming to an end. I didn’t have the heart to face him in person. So, I took the cowardly way out and sent him a break-up text.


I had a sense of deja vu as I remembered meeting Alec literally seconds after sending a break-up text to his friend and roommate, Jerrik. Alec had willingly entered this arrangement with me, knowing we’d only have a short time together. I hoped the text wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. I was going to miss Alec, the way he always called me, ‘gorgeous’ and how he said I was, ‘positively glowing’ when I was pregnant. He certainly knew how to make a woman feel wanted.


A couple hours later, I got a phone call from Garret Jones, inviting me to a party at his house. “I’d love it if you could come, Jill.” I looked over to Hannah, who gave me the nod that she’d watch the twins and responded, “Sounds like fun. I’ll be there, Garret.” He gave me the address and said, “It’s a big, blue Victorian. You can’t miss it. See you soon, Jill.” By the sound of his voice, I could tell Garret was smiling.

After I hung up the phone, I felt butterflies in my stomach. “Garret…,” I sighed dreamily. Garret and I had been playing emotional baseball for a while now.

     Batter Garret Jones steps up to home plate. The pitch is thrown. He swings and … strrriiike!

I knew Garret had feelings for me and, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve been fighting them for a while, too. But, timing is everything, and with Garret and me, the timing was never quite right. Well, Garret, I hope fate is finally on our side today, because you’re up at bat again, and if you take a swing this time, we will most definitely connect.

I tore through my closet, looking for a pretty dress that would show off just enough of my assets. Garret and I had seen each other around town many times, but today I was dressing especially for him.

When I arrived, I was impressed with the beautiful Victorian home with the wraparound porch and manicured grounds. My eyes were immediately drawn towards Garret, who was out on his front lawn, looking as handsome as ever.


I strolled over to Garret, smiling and waving hello. When I got closer, I asked, “Am I early, or is everyone else inside?”

Garret replied, “Actually, Jill, my one guest has just arrived.”

“You mean, me?”

“Mm-hmm. I hope that’s OK.”

“So, the party was just a ruse to get me over to your place?” I said coyly, standing dangerously close to this handsome man.


“Well, yes. I told you when we danced at Aleister’s — I’m a man who knows what he wants.”

And, those butterflies are fluttering like crazy now. I remember that day clearly — how warm and cozy I felt in Garret’s arms, swaying to the music in front of a roaring fire. Garret’s a marvelous dancer, and if I hadn’t been seeing Alec, things would’ve ended very differently that day.


“You also said you wanted to take me out on a date as I recall.”

“I still do, but I wasn’t sure what you’d say if I came right out and asked. I had to see you face to face. The last time we talked, you were seeing someone, Jill.” Garret paused as he looked me in the eyes and asked the obvious follow-up question. “Are you two still together?”


“No, Garret. We’re not.” As I said those words, I tried to tell Garret with my body language, ‘And I’m available to you, Garret. All you have to do is ask.’

     Batter Jones steps up to home plate …

     The pitch is thrown …

Garret’s eyes never left mine as he leaned forward to take both my hands in his. As he stroked the tops of my hands gently with his thumbs, Garret asked, “Jill, would you go out with me?”

     Jones swings …


Letting go of Garret’s hands, I raised mine to either side of his face and said softly, “I’d love to, Garret.” Then I gave him a big smile.

     The crowd roars as the crack of the bat hitting the ball sounds out loud and clear …

      It’s a hit!

Garret wrapped his arms around my waist and grinned from ear to ear. “Jill, you’ve made me a very happy man.”

“I’m happy, too, Garret. I’ve wanted to go out with you since I first moved to Moonlight Falls and saw your profile on simsmatch.com. Our timing was just off.”


“I don’t want to waste any more time,” Garret said as he wrapped his arms around me and we shared our first kiss. Garret kissed me softly at first, then with increasing intensity. Sparks had been flying between us for a while now, and they ignited when our lips finally met. Garret is a great kisser, and it was everything I’d hoped it’d be.

     And Jones advances to first base….

After a little while, we realized we were still standing in the front yard in full view of the neighbors and passersby. Garret said, “We should probably head inside,” as he took my hand and led me into his home.


Garret gave me a quick tour of the first floor and then pulled me into his arms again in the living room. He had a serious look on his face. “Jill, I’m crazy about you — have been for a while now. I’ve heard some rumors that you want to have 100 babies and that they have to be from different fathers. Is that true?”

“It’s true, Garret. I think you’d make gorgeous babies, and I’d be honored if you’d father a child with me. I just want you to know up front that our time together will be shorter than I’d like. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of the time we have. Are you game?”

“I’m game, and I plan to make sure we fully enjoy the time we have together, starting right now.”


Garret took my hand and led me to the staircase. Stopping at the base of the stairs, he enclosed me in his arms and gazed into my eyes. “I’ve waited a long time to be with you, Jill, but If I’m moving too fast, just say so.”

“I want to be with you, too, Garret.”

Garret took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom. The anticipation in the air was electric.


Once we entered Garret’s bedroom, he locked the door to ensure our privacy. Apparently, Garret had roommates, which made perfect sense since he lived in a huge, four-bedroom house.

Garret removed his jacket, sweater and tie as he asked, “Can you spend the night, Jill?”

“Mm-hmm.” I tried to appear calm, but my emotions were on high alert.

“Good, because I want to wake up with you in my arms — that is, assuming we get any sleep.”

Garret gave me a soft kiss on the lips, then slowly kissed his way across my neck and collarbone as he caressed my bare shoulders with his fingertips. The feel of Garret’s soft lips on my skin gave me goosebumps. His hands made swift work of unfastening the belt on my dress. Eyes heavy with desire, Garret unzipped my dress and watched as it fell to the floor. His eyes then rose slowly from the floor up the length of my body, and he smiled at me.

As Garret was about to say something, I put my index finger up to his lips, whispering, “My turn.” Then I slowly unbuttoned Garret’s shirt and rubbed my hands up and down his muscular chest and chiseled abs. Garret helped me remove his shirt the rest of the way. As he did, I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, slipping them over his hips, allowing them to pool on the floor. Garret stepped out of them and tossed them aside, along with my dress.

Garret stroked my cheek as he said, “Jill, you’re even more beautiful than I’d imagined.”

“And, you’ve been hiding a nice surprise under those loose sweatshirts and bulky sweaters, too.”


Garret pulled me up against his chest. The feel of Garret’s skin against mine and the warmth of his breath mere inches from my face was intoxicating. I was drawn to this man, and it was a pull I didn’t want to resist.


Then Garret leaned forward and kissed me, his strong arms holding me close. I wrapped my arms around his neck, closed my eyes and let myself fully experience the passion behind his kiss. The feeling was definitely mutual.


When our lips parted, Garret scooped me up in his arms, lifted me effortlessly and gently placed me on his bed.


Garret joined me on the bed, and we got cozy. The way he looked at me was almost more than I could bear.


We spent a while cuddling and making out. Garret was serious when he said he wanted us to take our time.


Both of us were getting pretty heated up, so we went back to cuddling for a few minutes. I asked Garret where I could find the nearest bathroom. It seemed as good a time as any. He replied, “There’s a bathroom two doors down, on the left.”

“I’ll be right back. Don’t you go anywhere, handsome.” Garret leaned up on his right elbow and said, “Wouldn’t dream of it, babe.”


On my way back from the bathroom, I ran into Marco who was playing a game of foosball. I was shocked and said, “What are you doing here?”

“I live here, Jill. I should be asking you that question.” Then Marco looked me over from head to toe and said, “It’s pretty late, and considering what you’re wearing, I can only hope that you’ve come to visit me.”


“I’m afraid not, Marco.” Not that you don’t make it tempting in all your shirtless glory. I see you haven’t changed a bit, I thought to myself.

Just then, Garret came out of his bedroom. He must’ve heard Marco and me talking. He just looked over at Marco and didn’t say anything to him at first. Then Garret turned to me and said, “Everything OK, babe?”


“Everything’s fine, Garret.”

Marco just looked down at the floor as he said, “Yeah. Sorry, man. I didn’t know Jill was with you.”


“No harm done, but Jill’s with me now, Marco. So, save your flirting for other women. We cool?”

“Yeah, man. No problem.”


“Coming back to bed, babe?”

“I’m right behind you.”

As soon as we got behind closed doors, I took Garret’s hands and said, “You have nothing to worry about, you know. Marco and I are ancient history. I’m here with you, Garret, and that’s exactly where I want to be.”

“I’m really glad to hear you say that, babe, because I am nowhere near done with you yet.”


“I promise you a night you’ll never forget.” Garret leaned forward and whispered in my ear the naughty and nice things he had in mind. I couldn’t help but smile.


With a twinkle in his eyes, Garret said, “Now, where were we, babe?” He took my hand and drew us both to the edge of the bed, and we picked up where we left off. Soft moans escaped my lips as Garret’s kisses became more intense.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here … in my bed, Jill. I was beginning to think it would never happen.”


We eventually consummated our relationship that night.

     And, the batter rounds the bases and slides into home plate. Home run by Garret Jones!


When we were both spent, I looked over at Garret and said, “That was amazing. You were right — this is a night I’ll never forget. You’re really something, Garret Jones. Somehow, I knew you would be.”

“Seriously, Jill — I’m the lucky one,” Garret said as he put his arm around me and I nestled against his muscular chest. He kissed my forehead as he said, “Do you want to get some sleep, or ….”

“Well, I’m pretty fertile, and chances are I’m already pregnant, but there’s always tomorrow morning,” I said flirtatiously.

Garret let out a little laugh and said, “It’s a date. If I’m still asleep when you wake up, feel free to wake me.”

“Count on it,” I giggled. “Goodnight, Garret.”

“Goodnight, Jill. Sleep well.”



17 thoughts on “Emotional Baseball

  1. Emotional baseball indeed! Just when I was feeling bad for Alec, along comes Garret. Let the healing begin. 😀

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the awkward Marco encounter. He did NOT take his breakup well, as I recall. Of all people to run into in that situation, it would have to be him.

    And aww, Hunter in love! That’s a beautiful shot.

    • You know what they say — when one door closes, another one opens. Out with Alec; in with Garret. They should write a song about that particular kind of healing. Actually, they did! 😉 I wish I could keep some of the Baby Daddies longer. As for Marco, he’s still quite a flirt when he’s around Jill. That was a fun twist of fate.

      I just had to get Hunter some action. He’s too handsome to be ignored. Who knows what’ll happen. He & Hannah need to move out. I’ve put it off long enough.

      • Lol! Sexual healing is like Jill’s special variant of Simmunity.

        I’ll be sad to see Hunter and Hannah go, but also looking forward to updates on them. Hunter IS handsome–so attractive, I forget he’s mean-spirited. But much can be forgiven with looks like that! 😀

  2. I’ve finally caught up! I quite like falling behind, because I don’t have to wait for updates one-by-one 🙂 Just have to say, I loved Jill’s wardrobe romance with Alec and his ‘infamous’ boxers. And the run-ins with the ex’s! Classic!

    I really hope things go well for Hunter ~ if Fatima breaks his heart I’ll kill her!

    • I guess you know how I felt when I first found The Suitor and gobbled up every chapter you’d written, all within a couple of sittings. I’m glad you’re caught up. 😀

      The wardrobe session with Alec was fun. I think it was the first time the opportunity presented itself. Marco better behave himself around Jill now. Garret’s got his number now.

      Hmm … threatening Fatima, huh? I hope it goes well for Hunter, too. Could be tricky since she’s one of the paparazzi. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Aw, that was kinda sweet, Alec using his siren to get there faster. Jenna is cute, I love the combo of bright eyes with brown hair.

    Hunter’s a very nice looking sim, by the way.

    Well, that was a hot night with Garrett. I almost hope she doesn’t get pregnant right away and so has a little more time with him.

    • Yeah, Alec made the most of his uniform — taking advantage of the fact that Jill thought he looked sexy in it. So, firing up the sirens when his girlfriend’s in labor seemed like an obvious choice.

      Thanks for the lovely comments about Jenna and Hunter. It’ll be interesting to see what Jenna looks like when she grows up.

      Dear, sweet Garret — Jill and he were destined to meet from the very beginning. I want to get as much time with him as possible. I wish Jill’s biological clock didn’t tick so loudly sometimes.

    • LOL … Just so you know, I was holding back considerably. My mind was venturing beneath the bleachers (pun intended). I blame Garret (and TarynTempestwind for making him). 😉

    • Marco never wastes an opportunity to flirt with Jill, that’s for sure. What timing that he happened to be upstairs while Jill was with Garret. You may notice a trend — I tend to make all men shirtless in their sleepwear outfit. I like ’em better that way. Everybody wins. 😉 Hunter really did turn out gorgeous — always a pleasant surprise! Thanks for all your comments! I’ve really enjoyed reading them all. 😀

      • The last chapter you commented on was Makeout Central. All chapters are listed in the Index in chronological order. Another way to check is in your WordPress account (Reader) look under “Comments I Made”. You were commenting on most chapters, I believe. It’s a place to start anyway. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks! Glad you like this one. I’d had a soft spot for Garret for quite a while before Jill finally hooked up with him. It was fun having Marco as his roommate since he added a bit of drama. Your BF’s a handsome guy! 😉

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