One of my dear readers said she’d be interested in hearing what’s going on in the kids’ lives after they’ve left the nest. Since then, I’ve sprinkled the occasional cameo appearance of one or more kids, but more by accident than by design. (Jill gets a phone call or party invitation, and that’s my jumping off point.)

However, it occurred to me that I could choose a reader favorite and write a bonus post about just that child (well, young adult now). So, what I want to know is if that’s of interest to my readers and, if so, who’s your favorite child (or pair of twins)? If you’d rather I keep moving along in the baby challenge, that’s totally OK, too.

Time to sound off! What’ll it be, readers?

Twins were kept together because they live in the same house. This poll is multiple choice. I have my favorite kids. How about you? (Note: Pics can be found on the “Babies” page in the header.)

Feel free to comment as well. Maybe you voted for a pair of twins but only want me to focus on one. Maybe you want something altogether different. I won’t know unless you tell me. 😀


2 thoughts on “Updates on the Kids?

  1. I already like what you’ve been doing, having Jill visit her grown children in response to invitations, so I voted for more followup (when time, circumstance, and Sim pregnancy permit). I think it gives the story continuity and helps keep the challenge from becoming too depersonalized and mechanical. I don’t want to be greedy–yes, Lily, do more work! Write more stuff for me!–but I can’t lie: I would love it.

  2. Hey Lily!
    I’ve picked Aiden and Ava, because they are the first-born and also because in my games I used to get always overly attached to my first baby… so that’s probably the real reason. Plus Ava really looks like Jill’s clone, so I wonder if she’s planning on following her mother’s steps… 100+100 babies LOL 😀
    I think it would be also fun to see how other players could ‘adopt’ your babies for their stories (we’ve already spoken about that) 😉 It would mean less work for you so you could fully concentrate on making more beautiful looking Sims while having news on your ‘old babies’ (this sounds so weird)! But of course, if you’d love creating your own stories about your babies, you’re the first in line to do so!!!

    Have a nice day,

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