A Gift From Dad

After really putting her mind to it, Hannah was finally able to access her genie powers fully. The first thing she did was to make the house sparkly and clean. It was magical to watch. Hannah put her fingers up to her temples and concentrated a moment.


Then, she outstretched her arms, and I could see sparks of light radiating from her. Suddenly, the entire house was clean, and it actually did sparkle. I’d never seen anything like it. “Oh, Hannah,” I said, “You just saved your mom a lot of work today. Thank you so much!”

“It was nothing, Mom. I’m glad I finally figured out how to access my powers. I was beginning to think that all I got from Dad was my blue skin,” she laughed. Silently, I thanked Darin for giving Hannah such a wonderful gift. And, since Hunter could be so mean spirited at times, I was also thankful that he didn’t have genie powers so he couldn’t abuse them.


Jerrik had an appointment this morning and left before the kids had woken up. So, I only had Hannah and Hunter to help with the triplets. With three toddlers in the house, we were trying to establish a rhythm to make sure each child’s needs were met before meltdowns ensued.

Isabella was the first of the triplets to wake up this morning. Unbeknownst to me, Hunter had put Isabella in her high chair and gave her breakfast. When Hannah came into the kitchen and saw Isabella sitting in the high chair without food in front of her, she assumed she needed to be fed. So, she brought Isabella another bowl of cereal.

Isabella wanted nothing to do with it and quickly tossed it to the floor, making a mess of her high chair in the process.


“Great,” said Hannah. “So much for my sparkly clean house.” Hannah wasn’t happy with Isabella’s little tantrum, so she left her sitting in her high chair while she went back to the nursery to pick up Isaiah. When I walked in and saw Isabella sitting in her high chair, I gave her what turned out to be her third bowl of cereal. Big mistake.


I had barely let go of the bowl when Isabella grabbed it and flung it onto the floor, saying firmly, “No.”


So, while all three of us had been trying to feed Isabella, her brothers sat hungry in their cribs. I need to keep a better eye on who’s feeding whom. What a mess. Finally, I took Isabella out of her high chair and put her down on the floor to play, and I scrubbed her high chair until it was squeaky clean. Meanwhile, Hannah had come out of the nursery with Isaiah and fed him breakfast in his high chair. Then she did the same with Isaac.


Once all the triplets had full bellies, we changed them into their play clothes and started working on their skills. Hannah practiced her genie hover while she potty-trained Isabella so she could kill two birds with one stone.


Teaching Isabella to talk, however, required Hannah’s full attention. She got so excited as she heard Isabella learn new words. Until now, all Isabella would say was, “No,” even when she meant, “Yes.”


A few feet behind Isabella, Isaac was playing inside the toy box. It was one of his favorite places because he could play with the toys inside the box and play peek-a-boo at the same time.


When Hannah finished teaching Isabella to talk, Isabella picked up her toy horse and made it prance around the floor.


Jerrik had called me from work and asked if I wanted to come over when his game was finished. I said yes, all the while knowing I would have to break up with him. The toddlers were getting older, and that meant it was time for me to move on and find a new Baby Daddy.

When I arrived at Jerrik’s house, he met me at the door and pulled me into a loving embrace. My anxiety about having to break up with Jerrik was already making my heart beat fast. Being in his strong arms certainly didn’t make it any easier. I couldn’t deny the attraction I still felt for Jerrik, and I allowed myself to fully enjoy his kisses, knowing this was our last time together.


We talked and cuddled for a while, and then Jerrik said he was going to bed. His football team had won tonight, but it was a close game, and it took a lot out of him. I still hadn’t broken up with Jerrik yet, and I was losing my nerve.

Jerrik’s roommates were home, and I didn’t want to embarrass Jerrik by breaking up with him in front of them. So, I waited until Jerrik fell asleep, then went into a corner where I could have some privacy and composed a break-up text.


As I stared at the words on the screen, I almost talked myself out of clicking, “Send.” I hoped Jerrik would understand.


As I came around the corner, back towards the kitchen, I nearly bumped into one of Jerrik’s roommates. He introduced himself as Alec Tremain and stood there confidently, wearing nothing but his blue plaid boxers. Personally, I was a little tongue-tied. I was totally caught off-guard by this half-naked man with a well-toned physique. I almost didn’t hear him when he said, “And, what’s your name, gorgeous?” “Jill Thomas,” I said, trying not to giggle like a schoolgirl.


If I’m not mistaken, Alec is flirting with me. I’ve been a free agent for all of 30 seconds, give or take, and — literally, around the corner — out strolls a potential Baby Daddy. I haven’t even had a chance to process the guilt I feel over sending my first break-up text. Alec must sense that I’m tense, because he offers to massage my back. I really am a sucker for a good back massage, so I say, “Sure.” It makes me relax and forget about my troubles, at least for a few minutes.


Once Alec feels the tension release from my back and shoulders, he says, “There,” as he turns me back to face him, “All better now?”

“Mm-hmm,” I reply with a soft moan, “Much better. I’m going to guess that wasn’t your first massage.” Alec smiled, but I could tell there was something on his mind.

Just then, his other roommate walked by and spoiled the moment.


He introduced himself as Jameson Scott, and started chatting with me. Alec just stood to the side and patiently waited for our conversation to end.


As soon as Jameson left the room, Alec moved back towards me. He said, “Jill, I just realized why you look so familiar. Are you still seeing Jerrik? Because if you are, I’ll back off, even though I don’t want to.”

“No, Alec. I just broke up with Jerrik tonight, in fact. We have three beautiful children together, and he’ll always be special to me, but I need to move on. You may have heard rumors around town that I’m set on having 100 children in my lifetime. I’m afraid that’s true, and each man can only father my children one time. As much as I care about Jerrik, I can’t stay with him any longer.”

Alec pulled me into his arms, looked into my eyes and said, “I’m so glad you’re free, Jill. It would’ve been really hard to back away now. Just to be sure I understand correctly, the same rules would apply to me as well? If so, I’d be honored to be a part of your journey, even if it’s only for a short time.” “Yes, Alec. That’s exactly right.”


“Now, where were we?” Alec said, as he kissed me, softly at first, then more passionately. I felt a little guilty after having kissed Jerrik earlier that evening, but it was a goodbye kiss, and Alec said he completely understood.


With all our talking, flirting and kissing, we had totally lost track of time. Morning had come, and Alec had to report to work. After changing into his police uniform, he came back out into the living room. What is it about a uniform that makes a man look so sexy, I wondered to myself. Alec gave me a kiss goodbye and then headed to work.


On my way home, I stopped by Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundries to consign some items. I ran into Garret Jones in front of the entrance, and we exchanged pleasantries before he went on his way. To my surprise, there were still a lot of handsome, available men in Moonlight Falls. Garret was certainly one of them.


I went inside and put several items on consignment with the store clerk. Let’s just say the clerk wasn’t blessed with good genes. His mullet hairstyle wasn’t doing him any favors either.


After conducting my business at Aleister’s, I went to the baby supply store to buy a walker. With triplets and only two teenagers at home, I was going to need some extra help teaching them to walk.

Isaiah was the first one to try out the new walker. He took to it like a champ and was walking on his own in no time.


Isaiah liked the new walker so much, he was content to sit in it and play with all the buttons that beeped and squeaked. Meanwhile, Isaac played on the floor with the toy horse.


Next, it was Isaac’s turn. He, too, started tottering around the place like it was completely natural for him.


Isabella was the last to try the walker. It was a good thing, too, because at first she didn’t seem to want to get in it at all. Unlike her brothers, Isabella was content to crawl and wasn’t so sure about this new contraption. I assured her she’d be OK, and after sitting and playing with the buttons for a few minutes, she decided to try walking. She soon discovered that it wasn’t so hard after all. “That’s my girl, Isabella. Always remember you can do anything your brothers can do.”


It had been a long day for the little tykes, and they were tired. Once they’d had their evening bottles, used the potties and had their diapers changed and pajamas on, I put each of the triplets to bed, with a kiss on their little foreheads. First, Isaac …


then Isaiah…


and finally, Isabella. She was the only one to give me that little pout face because she wanted to stay up. “Sorry, sweetie. It’s bedtime. Go night-night, and I’ll see you in the morning.” Luckily, she was tired and didn’t put up too much of a fuss.


The next morning, Hannah and Hunter were running a little late for school. Hannah used her genie powers to magically clean herself, which was much more expedient than taking a shower.


Then she decided to help her twin as well. Poor Hunter didn’t know what hit him when he was suddenly bathed in a pink glow as soon as he got out of bed.


Then Hannah made herself breakfast, and she was craving bagels, so she summoned one. For her, it was as simple as concentrating on the food she wanted, raising her arm and snapping her fingers.


The best part about summoning food is that it’s always perfect quality. And, for someone who had birthday cake as a main staple in her diet, that was a welcome change. Of course, the nice thing to do would’ve been to make more than one serving. Hannah made a mental note to do that next time.


While Hannah and Hunter were at school, Isabella and Isaac played with the xylophone and peg box. Isabella’s eyes grew wide and she gasped the first time she played a note. I don’t think she was expecting music to come out. As for Isaac, the first time he got a peg into the right hole, he smiled and clapped his hands with glee. I love seeing the world through the eyes of my toddlers, when everything is exciting and new.


When Hannah got home from school, she summoned a perfect baked angel food cake. It was simply heavenly!


Hannah smiled as she watched everyone enjoy their dessert and decided she would take on the cooking responsibilities while she was still living at home. I was thrilled at the thought of having something other than birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


18 thoughts on “A Gift From Dad

  1. That high chair overfeeding issue drives me up the wall! I can’t believe EA’s never adjusted or fixed it. (Well, yes I can.)

    More than ever, this makes me want to try playing a genie Sim. Hmm–is Darin available for download?

    • Hi Hannah. Getting views on a new blog takes time. You’re still in the beginning stages of getting your story established, and I didn’t get many hits then either. There are a few things you can do, in addition to posting updates on a consistent basis:

      1 – Follow, read and comment on other simmers’ blogs. It makes them more likely to want to check out yours. I actually found you that way.
      2 – Mention your new blog to your friends on the Sims 3 forum. In fact, if you get permission to use male sims from other creators in your blog, you can mention to them when their sim appears in a post. They’re likely to check it out so they can see how they fit in the story line, what the babies look like, etc. (Be sure to give them credit.)
      3 – Seaweedy publishes a blog that lists simmers’ stories and features a particular story on every post. Seaweedy is always looking for new stories, but I’d suggest getting a few posts under your belt before posting here because you want to engage any new followers once you’re featured — http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/361768.page

      Hope this helps! Most importantly, have fun, and the rest will follow if you give it time. πŸ˜€

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    • Jerrik was the first guy Jill had as a steady boyfriend. I did that so I could use the break-up text option when it was time to move on. I got tired of having every ex-lover get mad at me when I said I wanted to be “just friends.” For some guys, I used the “friends with benefits” method, meaning I use the Master of Seduction LTW to skip straight to procreation. Then it doesn’t make him a love interest. But, that gets boring to me because I’m too much of a romantic not to let them kiss, etc. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. πŸ˜›

    • With three toddlers needing to be fed, you’d think someone would be smart enough to feed someone different. What a hot mess that was. Genie kids are awesome, especially in a crowded house. It makes getting kids ready for school quick and easy, plus they get better grades with perfect food in their bellies. πŸ˜€

  3. I personally don’t have the Supernatural expansion pack, because I always thought, that it wasn’t so much in my style of playing, since I’ve always played the ‘normal’ game. But now I think the supernatural characters actually bring something fun going on in the game! I’ll probably get one copy for myself soon! πŸ™‚

    • I actually felt the same way at first. I didn’t get the EP when it first came out. Then again, I was still fairly new to the Sims. Unlike a lot of other people, I’ve only been playing it for 2 1/2 years. I’m really loving it for my baby challenge because it helps break up the monotony of 100 kids. Even with their randomized traits, there’s only so much you can do to differentiate one kid from another. Plus, by waiting, I got most of my EPs & worlds at very discounted prices. πŸ˜€

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