It’s Moving Day!

I had a big surprise in store for the kiddos today. Their dads had been good about sending child support checks on a fairly regular basis. Those who could afford to send more did so. And, I had been squirreling away as much as possible. Finally, we could afford to move into a slightly bigger house. Not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination – but it had three bedrooms and more open space for our big family. The older kiddos would no longer have to share their room with toddlers.

The house had been built right across the street from where we currently live, so we won’t even have to get used to a new neighborhood. This was going to be great. I informed the kids that I had already spoken to the realtor and the house was officially ours. We could move in today. We left everything behind except our clothes and started fresh in our new surroundings.


When we arrived, the kiddos explored all the nooks and crannies of their new home. Colton and Chloe spotted a play table in the toddlers’ room and immediately challenged each other to a block-building contest.


It was so nice to finally have enough room to move around without bumping into someone constantly. Our former home had been starting to feel rather confining. Benjamin and I took advantage of the extra space to teach Dylan and Dakota to walk.


Thank goodness we moved when we did, because the following morning, I woke to contractions. The house was going to get even more crowded very soon.


I rushed to the hospital, and Matt met me there. After I’d been in labor several hours, we became the proud parents of twin fairies — a boy and a girl. Both have their father’s dark hair and luminous green wings.


Our son Evan was born Hydrophobic and Friendly.


His twin sister Emma was also born Hydrophobic, and she Loves the Outdoors. Only Emma got Matt’s pointed fairy ears.


We most definitely had a full house now! I even had to share my bed with one of my daughters because there were only two sets of bunk beds for five kids. Dakota volunteered. She said it was probably quieter in my room than it was in the kids’ room anyway. I told her it would only be temporary.


While the older kids were at school, I started potty training the toddlers. Emma took to the potty like a champ.


Evan, on the other hand, had to put more “effort” into it.



Taking care of seven children proved to be an exhausting task. One particularly late night, I almost fell asleep standing up while waiting for Evan to finish up on the potty.


I quickly steadied myself … and shook out the cobwebs.



Then I carefully picked up Evan and put him in his crib. I barely made it to my bed before I passed out for the night. I slept like a log.

Soon it was time for birthday celebrations for Dylan and Dakota. They knew how to walk, talk and use the potty. They were ready to take on elementary school. Dakota blew out her candles first, with a little help from me.


Dakota gained the Artistic trait. I think she inherited that from me. I was happy to know she’d be more than a Couch Potato who wakes up easily.


Next up was her twin brother Dylan. Chloe almost blew out Dylan’s candles accidentally while blowing her horn near the cake. Luckily, she was just far enough away, and Dylan blew out his candles himself, with my help, of course.


Dylan became Ambitious. When you consider that he’s a Virtuoso, Dylan could have a good future ahead of him in the music industry, as long as being a Light Sleeper doesn’t get in his way. His piercing blue eyes remain a mystery to me, but one thing’s for certain. He didn’t get them from me. Dylan is definitely Quidel’s son.



15 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day!

  1. Hooray for a new house – the extra room is a MUST, lol

    Matt DOES indeed pass along those handsome genes of his 😉
    Dylan has gorgeous eyes… looking forward to finding out what the mystery is!

    • Thanks! Matt holds the record for most downloads in my studio, by a landslide. 😛 His teen son Jake is next in line. There’s also a household with the two of them (including a kitten) that was a gift for becomingjenn. Everything’s cc-free. If you’re interested, I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind a little play time with your favorite sim. He looooves the ladies. That man likes to flirt. 😉 Dylan’s mystery will be revealed in the next update.

    • The next step up is having more than a single bathroom! Thanks — I love Matt’s babies. I hope they grow up well. Dakota was an adorable toddler, too, but she didn’t turn out to be a cute child. Hopefully, it’s just an awkward stage and she’ll be a pretty teen. Fingers crossed. 😉

  2. I love the house. One thing playing in Moonlight Falls taught me is, I’m not that big on the Greek Revival style. This modern look is more my speed.

    And especially given how well his offspring turned out, I can see why Matt’s so popular.

    • I’m not a fan of most of the houses in Moonlight Falls either. I chose that town because of its supernatural population.

      Matt definitely passes on some good-looking genes. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think Matt was my best work in the male sim department. 😛

  3. Aww, I like their new house, seems really cosy.

    And it seems Evan hasn’t been eating his high-fiber foods lately? LOL His expression while potty training was priceless.

    Dakota’s eyes are impressive, by the way.

    • Thanks. I’m a crap builder, so I can’t take any credit. I have the link on the “Author’s Notes” page. It’s a redesign of an EA home by Rawr2019, called “All Falls Start – 3br, 1ba”. Dylan’s a cutie, and he added some interesting dynamics to the household. That’s for sure! 😛

    • LOL … and that’s why we have the Exchange. Thank goodness for great builders. I’m not fond of most of the pre-built EA homes. They often take a ton of space but can’t house many sims.

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