Marco, I’m pregnant!

Today had gotten off to a great start. The twins were happy, and I’d finished teaching Aiden how to talk. Out of the blue, Marco showed up. I invited him in, of course. He had no idea I was pregnant, so I gently broke the news that he was going to be a Daddy. Marco was so excited that he immediately rubbed my stomach to feel my growing baby bump.


I invited Marco to spend the night, and the twins and I went through our nightly routine. When Marco and I fell asleep, we both dreamed about our baby-to-be.


The next morning, I dressed and fed the twins as usual. Marco was hungry, so he took a slice of birthday cake from the fridge and took a couple of bites. It had gone rancid in that cheap old fridge of mine. I felt bad, and Marco had stopped eating it. But, what surprised me is that he went back to the fridge and took another slice of the same birthday cake!  I don’t know what he was thinking. He took several bites and then was appalled at how bad it tasted.


Even though his stomach must’ve been turning by now, Marco was kind enough to do the dishes. Unfortunately, he broke the sink in the process and now it was more like a garden hose pointed at the ceiling.


I grabbed my trusty wrench, fixed the sink faucet and mopped up the puddle on the floor. All the while, I could smell the spoiled cake in the fridge near me. I disposed of it as soon as I finished.


The next thing I know, Marco is running past me into the bathroom. That cake really was foul, because Marco couldn’t keep it down. Although I felt bad for him, I couldn’t help thinking, welcome to my world, Marco. That’s what it feels like to have morning sickness.


I was hungry and made a batch of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Now that his stomach was feeling better, Marco ate a sandwich, too.


I showered and got dressed and just in the nick of time, too. I felt my first contractions soon afterwards. I knew the baby was coming.


I went out in the kitchen, and Marco started freaking out at the sight of me in labor. All I could think about was that today was supposed to be Leisure Day and yet, ironically, for me, it was Labor Day.


Even with the amount of pain I was in, I had to laugh at Marco. He was screaming and flailing his arms. You’d think he was the one about to deliver a baby.


Enough with the fun and games, this baby wanted out! I quickly called a babysitter, and Marco drove me to the hospital. On the ride over, I reminded Marco that I was going to raise the baby on my own. He wasn’t very happy about that and decided not to join me in the delivery room. Before I went into the hospital, I gave Marco some money and asked him to buy another crib so I’d have somewhere to put the baby when I got home. He said he’d deliver it and set it up himself. It was the least he could do for his firstborn.


After several hours of labor, the doctor said, “You have a healthy baby boy!” I named him Benjamin and brought him home to meet his new family.


I put Benjamin in his crib and then saw that the twins hadn’t had their bottles yet. They were tired, hungry and missed their Mommy.



Exhausted and hungry after delivering Benjamin, I put the twins to bed, grabbed a quick PB&J and went to sleep.



13 thoughts on “Marco, I’m pregnant!

    • Like most sim babysitters, she was pretty useless and still charged me $75. Highway robbery! Hmm … can you actually fire (or dismiss) a sitter and get away with not paying them?

  1. “All I could think about was that today was supposed to be Leisure Day and yet, ironically, for me, it was Labor Day.” <—- It's good to know Jill has a sense of humour LOL.

    And these sims… Marco KNOWS the cake is rancid, and still he takes a second slice and eats it! O.o ROFL

    • Oops! I thought I had responded to marsar’s post before. Yeah, it’s tempting sometimes to cancel actions like Marco grabbing a second slice of rancid cake, but I love seeing what happens. LOL.

    • I love when they do dumb things. Never fails to make me laugh. You haven’t seen the last of Marco. He’s one of Jill’s more persistent exes. 😛 Thanks for reading & all your comments!

  2. Did Marco show up and then had to go to work or something? I’ve got about a 75% going rate of out-of-wedlock baby daddies showing up at the hospital. Strangely enough, sometimes the husbands don’t show up! That always makes me sad when that happens. I’m like, “WHY aren’t you giving me the join at hospital option?” lol

    • I don’t know why Marco decided to leave right after he and Jill got to the door of the hospital. He wasn’t part of my household, so I wasn’t controlling his actions. I love when the fathers go to the hospital and then return home with the mothers instead of just leaving. It hasn’t happened often, though.

    • I’m used to sims freaking out whenever contractions start (which is so bizarre). But this time Jill pointed at Marco and laughed at him while he was freaking out. I think it was because he was still wearing his pajamas during the daytime. It just made it that much more funny to me.

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