First Day of School

It’s the twins’ first day at school, and I can see that they’re excited and apprehensive at the same time. The school bus came to pick them up at 8:00. Ava, my heavy sleeper, was a little slower than Aiden at getting out of bed, but they both made it to the bus on time. Before the bus pulled away, I noticed the twins were both looking at the bus driver suspiciously, though I have no idea why. She looked perfectly nice to me.


Benjamin was a toddler now, and I had to teach him the skills he needed to become a big boy like Aiden. First, I fed him breakfast. As I looked at my sweet boy, I could see how he resembled his father, Marco. He wasn’t blonde like the twins and me. Although he hadn’t grown much hair yet, he had Marco’s dark brown eyebrows.


While the twins were at school, I could concentrate all my efforts on Benjamin. This was going to be so much easier than raising twins. Right after breakfast, I got Benjamin dressed and put him on the potty.


Then I started teaching him how to talk. I taught him lots of new words, including, “ring.” For now, I kept things simple. Someday, he’ll probably want to know why I didn’t marry his Daddy and we didn’t exchange wedding rings. There was no simple answer to that question.


It was a beautiful day, and I took Benjamin to the summer festival. There was a lot to see and do, and I wished we’d left the house earlier so we could spend more time there.


When we got to the park, I saw many types of wildflowers and remembered how much some of them were worth. With the goal of upgrading our current house and eventually moving into a bigger one, I had to grab as many as I could. Just before we left the festival, I met Kenji Lee, another potential Baby Daddy. We chatted for a few minutes, and then I said goodbye so I could get Benjamin ready for bed. Kenji said he’d call me.



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