Potties and Broken Pipes

After finally getting a decent night’s sleep, I woke to the sounds of crying yet again. This time the twins were awake and hungry at the same time. Knowing how cranky Ava can be, I scooped her up first. You should’ve seen the look on Aiden’s face as he started to wail. I’m sure he was thinking, “Why her first and not me?”


I quickly put Ava in her high chair and gave her some baby food. Then I went back and picked up Aiden and sat him next to her. As soon as that bowl of baby food was in front of him, all was right with the world again.


I was really hoping to get the twins potty trained today. As soon as Ava was finished eating, I sat her down on the potty and gave her some words of encouragement. I’d chosen very friendly looking potties, and it seemed to be making the twins comfortable trying them out.


I let Aiden out of his high chair and sat him down on the kitchen floor to play. Finally, I was going to have a chance to grab a quick bite. Birthday cake, it is. There’s something to be said for food that’s ready to eat when you’re raising twins.


I washed my plate and then it was Aiden’s turn on the potty. He was being a trooper.


I’m proud to say that Aiden is fully potty trained now. My sweet baby boy! Mommy’s so proud of you.


Finally, I had time to take a shower while the kids were playing. I was thankful that I’d had a hot shower because sometimes the water ran cold in this cheap shower. As soon I got out, the shower sprang a major leak. Can’t a girl catch a break once in a while? I grabbed a wrench out of my toolkit and went to work on the leak.  I was getting to be quite the handywoman, though not by choice.


Now it was Ava’s turn to use the potty. When I sat her down, I told her that Aiden was now fully potty trained. I was sure she had a competitive streak in her.


Ava quickly caught up to Aiden. Nice! Now they can both use nice, clean potties instead of wearing stinky diapers. I was impressed, but Ava was just tired.


I changed her diaper and put her down for the night with a kiss on the forehead. Then I did the same for her brother.


I went out into the kitchen, and the smell of spoiled food was overwhelming. The house came with a cheap refrigerator, and anything I put in it absorbed the metallic fridge taste – very appetizing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, food spoils way too quickly. And, when you’re a single mom on a budget, you can’t afford to keep wasting food. Disgusted, I bagged the spoiled food and brought it out to the trash.


Just before turning in for the night, I noticed that the flag on the mailbox was up. I had mail, and it wasn’t just bills this time. Marco had responded to my love letter, saying, “Wow, I had no idea … I feel the same way.” My heart went pitter-patter. Wait – there’s another letter addressed to me. It was from Chase, who wrote, “I know you’re feeling what I’m feeling. Let’s get together and prove it to each other.” Wow! Love letters from two gorgeous men. And, here I was feeling lonely and a little sorry for myself. I’ll have to do something about my social life tomorrow … if I can just find the time. By now, it was 1 a.m., and I was beat. Off to bed with me.



8 thoughts on “Potties and Broken Pipes

    • Hahaha! Let’s just say the guys are … persistent … in their pursuit of Jill. It cracks me up sometimes, and other times it helps provide some much-needed drama to the story.

    • Thanks! I always get the biggest kick out of the letters that sim guys send, too. I haven’t played the game without Twallan’s mods in so long that I’m not sure if the letters are from EA or Twallan. ???

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