Making Baby #1

When Chase and I arrived at my house, I told him about my plans to have 100 babies and raise them on my own. I asked Chase if he’d be willing to father my first child, and he said he’d be honored. I was so excited. Here I was, the new girl in town with an enormous challenge ahead of her, and I found a handsome, willing Baby Daddy the first time I ventured out of the house.


I asked Chase to spend the night, which was just what he’d had in mind.


We tried for a baby right away, but I didn’t hear the special lullaby song that meant we’d been successful.


It was getting late, and both of us were tired and hungry. So, I made a quick autumn salad for dinner, and we went to sleep.


The next morning, as soon as I awoke, I kissed Chase to get him in the mood. (Aren’t those the most adorable underwear you’ve ever seen?)


We tried for a baby again before Chase had to go to work. This time, I thought I heard the faint sounds of a lullaby. Since it was my first time, I wasn’t quite sure.


In any case, Chase didn’t want to be late for his first day on the job, and I had things to do, too. My day was off to a great start!


9 thoughts on “Making Baby #1

  1. I’m laughing because I’m imagining what would happen in real life if you brought a guy home and told him that you wanted 100 babies! LOL, I’d imagine he’d freak out and run straight for the door – Jill is lucky she’s in Sim world. I love this!

    • Yeah, that would be strange to say the least. I’m pretty sure the guys only hear Jill offering them no-strings-attached sex and then start nodding their heads and hear nothing else. LOL. (Looking back on these early posts, I have to say, it gets so much better later. Still, we all have to start somewhere, and this was my first story.) Thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. I’m reading through the comments and I completely agree with what you’re saying about earlier chapters. I think yours are wonderful, but I’ve heard so many writers say “I’d love to go back and rewrite the beginning,” myself included. I cringe at some of my earlier chapters. But that’s the wonderful thing about sims stories, we get to see how far we’ve come as writers. 🙂

    • I’m with you on that. It’s about the journey after all. Right? I’d never tried creative writing and wasn’t tempted at all until I started reading sims blogs. I write for business purposes — all factual and no story or emotion. It’s a fun change of pace. I just wish I had more time to do it. Thanks!

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